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10 Richest Public Speakers Of 2019

Life can sometimes get rocky and when it does, we turn to people who motivate us. We are inspired by their life stories and the amount of success that they have achieved. Having public speakers remind...


10 Highest-Paid Motivational Speakers Of All Time

Becoming successful in life can be a challenge. We all look to each other for the answers or some kind of direction along our journey. Hearing words of wisdom sometimes motivates us to get back in the game and give it our all.


The 10 Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold In Miami

Everyone dreams about getting the key to their very own place. These keys will sometimes open up the door to a modest apartment or a mega-mansion. The pile of bricks you can own will depend on how muc...


The Richest TV Show Judges Of 2019

It seems as though any time you turn on your TV, there is some kind of competitive show on the screen. Whether it is to find the best singer or the most talented dancer, these shows draw in a ton of v...


15 Reasons Why We Hate Conor McGregor

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, it's time we take a look at the Irishman of the year himself, Mr. Conor McGregor. It's easy to fall under the Conor crush for multiple reasons. Although McGregor ha...

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