Articles by Andrew Ward


4 Ways Global Warming Could Cripple The Economy

With the United Nation's recent report on climate change, an apocalyptic tone has been set for our potential future. The environment and economy are both heading towards an ugly and irreversible place...


5 Things To Know About Nasa's 2015 Budget

In early March, NASA submitted its 2015 budget request that is sure to face quite a bit of scrutiny from Congress and the public alike. The budget proposal comes in at 1% less than 2014's proposal of ...

Job & Salaries

5 Essential Tips For New Salespeople

Welcome to the exciting world of sales, new salespeople! In this highly competitive world you will not only be competing with your newly hired competition, but also seasoned veterans. To be successful...


How Under Armour Became A Major Player

Under Armour founder Kevin Plank is a person that you may not be familiar with unless you are tuned in to the highly competitive athletic apparel industry. The outgoing, proud Fork Union Military Acad...


America Needs These 6 Foreign Office Features

The American workplace is a thriving, bustling space where the water cooler buffalos congregate during short breaks of the increasingly long work day. Many are confined to cubicles where interaction i...

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