Articles by Andrew Pollard


15 Must-See Things On Netflix Right Now

Believe it or not, Netflix has been around in one form or another as far back as 1997. It was only in 2007, though, that the company became the ridiculously huge juggernaut that it is today. That was ...


20 Chilling Facts About The WWE's Vince McMahon

Born on August 24th, 1945, Vincent Kennedy McMahon is undoubtedly a revolutionary and true icon of the wrestling business. Sure, Vinny Mac may now be intent on ramming “sports entertainment” down our ...


16 Things Wrong With The X-Men Movies

When it comes to the current cinematic superhero boom that we’re experiencing, the roots of this explosion in popularity for such movies can be traced back to a select few films. The likes of Blade an...


15 Former WWE Superstars Who Got Really Old

Every single wrestling fan has their particular favorite superstars. You know, the ones whom you follow and keep up with despite their time in the professional wrestling spotlight coming to an end. Th...


17 Times When Wrestling Was Real...Backstage!

Ah, the wrestling business -- a landscape so often overflowing with testosterone and various other chemicals that have seen many a grappler on edge and always watching over their shoulder. These days ...


22 Examples Of Horrific Bullying Within The WWE

Throughout the decades, longtime wrestling fans have always heard stories of backstage bullying and certain incidents going too far. At times, some of this is put down to casual hazing or merely havin...

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