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10 Child Stars Who Tragically Died Young

Talented children have been gracing the big screen since the days of silent movies. They have dazzled audiences with their innocence and brought a sense of wonder to the world of entertainment. When a...

The Biggest

10 Best Paying Jobs In America In 2015

We all want our careers to satisfy us on an intellectual and emotional level. And of course, we all need our career to reward us financially. Let's face it, jobs need to pay the mortgage, put food on ...

Most Shocking

The World's 10 Deadliest Jobs

Workplace safety is an important issue that employers spend large amounts of money and time on. Educating their employees, enforcing safeguards and providing first aid training are just some of the ma...


The 10 Most Hated Fictional Characters

After consuming a great piece of literature, readers typically remember the protagonist of the story, rather than the antagonist. Authors draw readers in, to support and fall in love with the hero or ...

World Money

15 Sexiest Wall Street Power Couples

When we think of sexy couples, we think of Hollywood stars. People who live their lives in front of a camera and are often paid a hefty amount of money on the strength of their flawless good looks. Bu...

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