Articles by Ellie Leonard

15 Facts About The Denver Airport Conspiracy


If you've never been to Denver, then there's a good chance you probably aren't too aware of the city's international airport... I mean, unless you're an avid plane spotter, why would you be? Well, as ...

15 Things Only 90s Kids Will Understand

High Life

When it comes to the experience of childhood, there are some things that never change. Everybody dreamt of being the coolest in the class, tried to spend as little time as possible with their parents,...

15 Seriously Creepy Photos From Real Seances


Though not as common today, attempting to channel spirits at a seance was once a popular past time. Small groups of apprehensive men and women would gather around a table and, with the help of a mediu...

15 Most Heinous Acts Committed By Babysitters


There's no doubt that raising children is stressful. Constantly worrying about their well being is almost a full time occupation in itself, so it's no wonder that parents need a break every now and ag...

15 Creepiest Stories Involving Mall Santas


Waiting in line to sit on Santa Claus' knee at the mall has been a Christmas tradition since the late 19th century, and it's still something that plenty of young children look forward to every year. W...