Articles by Amber Martinez

20 Disneyland Tips, Tricks, & Secrets


The happiest day on earth, full of fantasy, dreams and nostalgia opened on July 17, 1955. It cost $17 million to create and was originally built on 160 acres that were previously orange groves. The pa...

10 Of The Best Dads In Hollywood


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 24 million children in America with every one out of three children living in biological fatherless homes. Nine in ten American parents agree this is a s...

U.S. Foods Banned In Other Countries


Have you ever wondered what we actually buy when we go to the grocery store? Lately, it seems like this question has become the latest "fad." But is it really a fad this time? This list indicates othe...

What NOT To Get Her On Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a a perfect holiday for corporate America to take all of our money while also, somehow ruining our lives one gift at a time. There is always so much pressure that goes along with th...

Actors And Their Salary Demands

Celebrity Money

Has anyone else ever wondered how much actors actually make? Or maybe how they even make money? Well, it's all about economics-how in-demand are they? This will affect how much money the actor, or mor...

The 10 Weirdest Sex Laws In The U.S


Although anti-sodomy laws were erased in the state of Virginia as of last year, there are still plenty of laws in other states which attempt to create borders around sex, in public and private. With t...