Articles by Amanda Katherine


15 Celeb Couples That Make No Sense

There are just some celebrity couples that will make you scratch your head. There are many reasons that couples do not seem to necessarily “go together.” For instance, it could be that one person has ...


15 Loaded Celebs That Drive Garbage Cars

Lots of celebrities love to show off their fancy, luxurious cars for the world to see. Actors and music stars are often seen flaunting their hot rides around town, spending hundreds of thousands of do...


15 Women Confess Their Most Disgusting Habits

Everyone has disgusting habits; it is part of being human. We are all fascinated by something a little weird or gross, and that is perfectly fine. Some people like picking at things, some people are j...


15 Super Rich Celebs That Live Like Pigs

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are luxurious and glamorous, but sometimes celebrities just can’t help but break their messy habits. The secrets that people can hide behind closed doors are surp...


15 Creepiest Things Found In Time Capsules

People have a huge fascination with time, specifically the past and the future. Time capsules can be a great way for past generations to communicate directly with future generations across the span of...

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