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Amanda Katherine

Amanda Katherine a free spirit, devoted writer, pop culture specialist, certified music junkie, & style guru. She is the creator and editor of the website, Dope & Broke, which explores new fashion trends at a fraction of the price, creates affordable alternatives to celebrity street style outfits, directs women to the best cheap shopping websites, and features lifestyle & beauty posts for a babe on a budget.

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20 Facts About Oprah’s Homes That Amaze Us

Amanda Katherine

Oprah started out as one of the youngest and only female African-American news reporters in the late seventies in Nashville. She later relocated to Chicago where she worked in media …

15 Celeb Couples That Make No Sense

Amanda Katherine

There are just some celebrity couples that will make you scratch your head. There are many reasons that couples do not seem to necessarily “go together.” For instance, it could …

15 Celebs That We Can’t Even Recognize Anymore

Amanda Katherine

People’s looks are likely to change as they age. Maybe your features will be different than when you were younger. However, it is not normal to look like an entirely different …

15 Things TSA Agents Would Never Tell The Public

Amanda Katherine

TSA agents secure and protect more than 848 million people traveling in airports and planes in the United States each year. The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, is run by …

15 Loaded Celebs That Drive Garbage Cars

Amanda Katherine

Lots of celebrities love to show off their fancy, luxurious cars for the world to see. Actors and music stars are often seen flaunting their hot rides around town, spending …

15 Women Confess Their Most Disgusting Habits

Amanda Katherine

Everyone has disgusting habits; it is part of being human. We are all fascinated by something a little weird or gross, and that is perfectly fine. Some people like picking …

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