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10 Must-Have Luxurious Airplane Necessities


There's just nothing fun or glamorous about air travel these days. Between fifty pound luggage limits, preventing you from bringing a matching handbag for every outfit, to the long lines, taking off y...

10 Apps for the 1% and Those Who Aspire To Be


We’ve all heard the slogan “there’s an app for that.” It’s true, there’s an app for just about everything today. From games, to maps, dating, to the news and even watching movies; you can pretty accom...

The 10 Most Expensive Juice Cleanses

Most Expensive

When Ben Franklin said nothing is certain except for death and taxes, he forgot to add toxins to the list. Everyone is exposed to toxins from food, air and water. While that sounds terrifying, toxins ...

10 Luxurious Clothing Lines For Kids


The media has had its eyes on the young and fashionable ever since actress Tatum O’Neal won her Oscar in 1974 for Paper Moon, while wearing an unforgettable little tuxedo, inspired by her father, acto...

10 Accessories That Never Go Out Of Style


Fashion accessories aren't simply about what looks good, they also need to be functional. If you spend a great deal of money to purchase a luxury designer accessory, from a scarf to a hat, a belt, to ...

10 Shoes That Never Go Out of Style

Shoes & Hand Bags

There is something to be said about buying quality. If you spend the money and buy any quality product, you can have it for years. This is especially applicable to shoes, which are not only about fash...

10 Bags That Scream "I'm Rich!"

Shoes & Hand Bags

Walking down the streets of Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive, sometimes you see a handbag out of the corner of your eye and it is so stunning you actually have to stop to look at it. Perhaps it’s the bri...

10 Picnic Items Fit For The Rich


Who doesn't love a picnic? Really, what could be better than gourmet food, good company, delicious champagne and of course, the ultimate luxury money can't buy, beautiful weather and sunshine.

10 Pricey Surgeries Men Won't Admit To

Most Expensive

Shhh! Can you keep a secret? Although they do not talk about it, you might not know that men are just as insecure about their physiques as women are. From their eyes to their butts and all the way dow...

Where Do The Rich And Famous Go For Rehab?


The term “rehab” has sadly become a part of our cultural lexicon. You can’t turn on the news without hearing that word associated with a celebrity or other public figures who have either been sufferin...

Morgan Motors: The Car You're Not Driving


When you see a Bugatti, a McLaren, a Ferrari or maybe even a Lamborghini go by, there is a good chance you will turn your head and you might gasp, even just a little bit. All of those cars are extraor...

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