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10 of Jonah Hill's Best Moments

On June 3rd, TMZ released a video of Jonah Hill retaliating at a paparazzo for following him. In a moment of extreme frustration Hill reacts in a disgraceful manner. However, unlike some public figure...


10 Bloggers Who Made It Huge

When bloggers become the subject of other people’s blogs, they know they’ve made it. Media stars are the new rock stars and moguls. It feels like half the time people are at work, they aren’t actually...


10 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Women Swoon

Dressing well comes so naturally to some men that you would think they came out of the womb looking ready for their first GQ cover. For guys who wear a jersey on their first date, this advice is for y...


Romantic Advice From 15 Celebrities

Who’s qualified to give love advice anyway? Who’s best at it? Someone whose had a relationship that has lasted for a while and endured its fair share of drama? Or does someone who has experienced mult...


The 10 Most Spiritual Celebrities

Religion and spirituality can be as trendy as the latest handbag or dress in Hollywood. Belonging to a specific church or temple is often like being part of an exclusive country, club without the golf...


20 Nerdy Things That Have Become Mainstream

Being nerdy used to be a term that people tried to avoid like the plague. If you were referred to as nerdy it meant that everything you did and everything you enjoyed was not considered cool. However,...


20 Things Hipsters Love

The term Hipster originally referred to people who adapted the lifestyle of jazz musicians in the 1940’s. Today, it means the guy with a mustache wearing flannel, skinny jeans and Ray-Bans walking dow...


30 Of The Strangest Hello Kitty Items

Hello Kitty is the world’s most famous feline. First appearing in 1974 on a clear vinyl coin purse, Hello Kitty has been on over 22,000 products since. While anyone can walk into a Sanrio store and bu...


15 Things Women Put On To Take Off

While exuding sex appeal is truly a result of inner confidence, the right outfit or accessory can change everything. The favorite outfit, a special pair of lacy underwear, a short skirt, or a revealin...


19 Of The Cutest Hybrid Dogs

Designer dogs are just as hot as designer handbags. While animals are a major life commitment and certainly not an accessory, it is very in-style to own one, or rather have a designer dog own you. A d...

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