Articles by Amanda Greenman


10 Epic Television Friendships

It can be difficult to find – and maintain – great friendships in real life. Likewise, it can be difficult to find a show on television that features groups of friends that are inspiring and supportiv...


10 Amazing Monuments That Are Gone Forever

Throughout history, mankind has managed to construct endless impressive and beautiful buildings, monuments and statues. Unfortunately, despite these artistic and architectural accomplishments, such pl...


35 Places You Can Visit on Your Own

Why wait for someone else to go with when you can venture out into the world alone? We’ve selected 35 locations in the world that are relatively safe for solo travelers (assuming you take normal preca...


Coachella's First Weekend Controversy

Last weekend, an estimated hundred thousand music fans descended upon the dusty grounds of the Indio, California music fest (not to mention millions of other music fans who couldn’t be there in person...


The Hottest Fashion Trends at Coachella 2014

There is one thing that consistently garners a lot of attention at Coachella (aside from the music, of course) – and that’s the fashion worn by the performers, the celebrities in the crowds and of cou...


Most Anticipated Acts At Coachella 2014

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is taking place over the weekends of April 11-13 and April 18-20. Needless to say, it’s one of the hottest tickets of the year: even though general admission w...


Retire at 30 And Escape To These Countries

With the economy in North America lagging and the average age of retirement on the rise, 20 or 30-somethings might be fed up with going to work every day in dead end jobs that they are overqualified for and under-stimulated in.


10 Of The World's Most Beautiful Cemeteries

Visiting a cemetery. It’s not exactly like going to the beach, enjoying a fine meal or going shopping on vacation - and it’s probably not on the top of many travelers’ to-do lists for a holiday. Yet, ...


The Hottest Food Trends By Decade

There is a definite sense of nostalgia associated with many foods and drinks. Most of us have memories of a beloved dinner from childhood, a casserole that seemed to make a regular appearance at a fam...


5 Places To Vacation Like An Aristocrat

Have you ever been tempted to leave the modern world behind and immerse yourself in a completely different era? After reading the likes of Jane Austen or watching a particularly riveting period drama ...


Stolen Architecture: China's Fake Cities

What do you do if you are a country basking in the afterglow of a period of rapid economic growth? If you’re China, you might want to start spending all of your money. And what better way to spend mon...


The Dark Side To Some Healthy Food Trends

No one could say that eating a healthy, balanced diet isn’t a good idea. Fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully selected and flavorful spices, a variety of nuts, oils and grains that have an impressiv...


Are You Spending Too Much On Fashion?

Lusting after high-end fashion and designer pieces, season after season, is a habit for many. It’s not difficult to fall in love with the alluring designs on the pages of glossy fashion magazines that...

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