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Hollywood's 10 Most Notoriously Rude Celebrities

Some celebrities are famous and even iconic for a reason: they are über talented, attend all of the hottest Hollywood parties and know how to work the red carpet, and of course make movies or records that are critically acclaimed and become big hits.


10 Of The Most Extreme Places To Tie The Knot

Most brides and grooms strive to make their big day as memorable as possible in celebration of their love - and also to impress and entertain their guests. Many couples attempt to have a wedding that ...

Most Shocking

10 Cities Destroyed By Natural Disasters

If there is one thing that history can teach us, it is that once-great cities, empires and entire civilizations have the tendency to rise and fall through the ages. Cities that were once thriving plac...


11 Celebrities With Hidden Talents

It might seem like great actors and singers are talented enough for one lifetime. After all, they're already successful stars, so what else do they need to be good at, right? However, many celebrities...


10 Real Places Featured in Disney Films

Disney movies – especially classics like Sleeping Beauty or the very popular Frozen – tend to consist of more fantasy than reality. Based on fairy tales and folklore, they provide audiences with an hour and a half-long escape into mythical worlds.


10 Of The Most Unusual Buildings In The World

From the creative and eclectic to downright bizarre, some buildings definitely step out of the ordinary and seemingly defy all logic, architectural rules and maybe even gravity.  Some of these archite...


10 Places Where People Have Longer Lives

Have you ever wondered if you could live a longer, healthier life somewhere else? It's possible: according to several lists ranking life expectancy by country, including by the World Health Organizati...


10 Of The Deadliest Epidemics In History

Since ancient times, humans have had to endure terrifying diseases and widespread plagues that managed to devastate entire populations and in some cases, even changed the course of history. Whereas pl...


15 Most Hipster Cities In The World

Most cities tend to feature some sort of cultural life, whether it’s a certain style of cuisine, unique history or a vibrant music scene.  But some cities stand out as  melting pots of alternative lif...


10 Animals That Can Outlive People

Most people in a developed country can expect to live into their 70s, 80s or even beyond – no doubt thanks to the assistance of modern medicine and the availability of better food and hygiene. The old...


Famous Females Who Have Used Male Pen Names

Throughout history, many female writers have felt the need to write under a male pseudonym. In fact, this is not a practice that’s confined to the past: even today, female authors have still experienc...


Amazing LGBT Characters On TV Now

Once only rarely – if ever - represented on American televisions, today, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters can be found on many of the hottest shows. They are also being feature...

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