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11 Of The Most Evil Women In History

Traditionally, women have been perceived as “the fairer sex.” Remember that old saying that girls are "made of sugar and spice and everything nice?" Well, these women prove that's not always true.

High Life

14 Of The Sexiest Celebrity PDA Moments

Actors and performers are pros when it comes to kissing and showing affection in front of the cameras. After all, it is usually just a part of their jobs. Even unscripted and in their every day lives,...


12 Places You Can Vanish To

Dreaming of a lifestyle where you can escape it all? More and more people are willing to say goodbye to the 9 to 5 routine, the commute, and the constant pressures to have a certain wardrobe, car or l...

High Life

The 11 Most Viral Super Bowl Ads Ever

For decades, the Super Bowl has not only been one of the biggest sports events of the year, but also one of the biggest marketing events of the year. Every year, it seems like ad space during the game...


7 People Who Have Had A Glimpse Of The Afterlife

It is perhaps one of the world’s oldest questions: what happens to people after death? Do we go anywhere? Are we reincarnated into anyone else? Or, do we cease to exist altogether? It’s a question tha...


15 Of The Most Gourmet Cities In The World

No holiday or trip is complete without trying some of the local culinary offerings. For some travelers, the gourmet food that is found in certain cities or countries could be the highlight of a stay, ...


12 Of The Biggest Teen Pop Culture Trends

The concept of a “teenager” is a relatively new one. A term coined in recent decades, as Time magazine has noted, the American teenager came into “existence” sometime in the 1940s. Although a teenager...


15 Of The Most-Wanted Film Sequels

Some days, it seems like an endless parade of sequels and remakes of classic movies hit theaters. Some sequels manage to be successful and please audiences, but many end up being less than hits in the...


14 Television Shows That Fans Want To Return

As the new fall television season gets underway, it is also time to grow nostalgic over television series that we fell in love with years ago and still cannot forget. Thanks to streaming services like...

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