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Alissa Heidman

Hello! I'm Alissa. I'm a journalism grad with a guilty pleasure for celebrity gossip and other useless (but entertaining) information. Some days, my love for writing leads me on a rant about animal rights and other days I'm writing about celebrity ghosts. I write about anything that my busy brain manages to conjure up because someone else might find it interesting too. Happy reading :)

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15 Celebrities Who Think Being Gay Is A Sin

Alissa Heidman

In today’s Hollywood culture, we don’t usually see a lot of devoutly religious celebrities. The ones we do see can often be hush hush on their beliefs because religion can …

Have You Ever Googled These 15 Keywords? Don’t…

Alissa Heidman

The internet is great for a lot of things like checking the news and weather, sending and receiving emails, performing financial transactions and shopping. One of the many gifts the …

15 Scary Photos From Xtina’s Trashy Days

Alissa Heidman

2002 was the revolution of Miss Christina Aguilera. In an era where Britney Spears was rocking it as a platinum blonde, Jessica Simpson was playing house with Nick Lachey and …

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Hyland

Alissa Heidman

Since having her big break in 2009 on Modern Family as Haley Dunphy, Sarah Hyland has officially become a hot young Hollywood starlet. The native New Yorker always had dreams …

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ariel Winter

Alissa Heidman

Years back when the show first premiered, fans of the hit television show Modern Family probably didn’t care to know who Ariel Winter was. She played the cute, geeky and …

15 Must-See Photos Of A Young Denise Richards

Alissa Heidman

Denise Richards is among the hottest of the hot and she’s proved this decade after decade. She’s known for her striking blue eyes, envied hair and full, plump lips. Interesting …

15 Beautiful Cars Ruined By Women

Alissa Heidman

Luxury cars are surely a privilege to own, and those lucky enough to refer to them as their “babies” surely appreciate their value. They love them, care for them, nurture …

15 Celebrity PDAs You Can’t Unsee

Alissa Heidman

PDA, an acronym for Public Display of Affection. We see it happening on the streets, at nightclubs and some of us might even be guilty of it. There’s no shame …

Top 10 Infamous Celebrity Serial Daters

Alissa Heidman

Some people just love the feeling of love. Some people love being treated to dates. Some people love treating others to dates. And some people go through so many god …

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