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10 Best TV Shows That Never Got Picked Up

Every year, when September rolls around, networks begin aggressively advertising brand new pilots and shows they have just picked up – some seem incredibly promising, while others seem like they were ...


The 15 Most Obsessive Fandoms In The World

There's quite a big difference between being a bit of a fanboy or fangirl who fawns over a particular show, movie, artist or sports team and being a completely obsessed member of fandom. A Fandom is a...

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10 Worst Marriage Proposals Caught on Video

One of the biggest moments in anyone's life is asking someone to marry them and being asked for someone's hand in marriage is an equally big moment. Some people dream about it their whole life – how t...

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5 Ways Apple Has Stopped Innovating

Apple is the second most profitable tech company in the world and has gone a significant way to determining the paradigm within which we communicate in the 21st century. Steve Jobs left a legacy, thro...


10 Most Cursed Actors In Hollywood

If you’re superstitious you’re going to love this one. There are many accounts of “cursed” movies and movie franchises – movies that were plagued with bad luck during production and filming, that were...


The 10 Worst Series Finales of All Time

HBO and Netflix are producing some of the most watched and most successful shows in history; the dramatic and comedic serial programs that have been unfailing popular for decades are showing no sign o...

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10 Female Body Parts Men Find The Sexiest

It's a sad fact that many, many women are plagued by insecurities about their body based on what they think a man is looking for - or looking at - the most. It's true that the male of the species is p...

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