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The 15 Most Athletic Couples

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Being an athlete isn’t easy. Whether it’s basketball, football, hockey, or even wrestling, these players knew this since day one. They wake up every morning knowing that whatever competition is approa...

Top 13 Most Terrifying Witches In Film


What I love about horror movies is that they have diverse types of horror. You have your creature features, thrillers, serial killers. Then you've got your demonic-possession types. It's not so much t...

Top 13 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs

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As far as I know, everyone enjoys a good Easter egg. We see them pop up in films, television, or in this case, video games, all the time. When you think of the term you usually think of harmless littl...

The 10 Hottest U.N Goodwill Ambassadors

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2015 seems like a year when the world got a little darker. From terrorism (domestic or international) to racism, there has been an outcry for leaders of all walks of life to stand up for change. Among...

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