Articles by Alexander Podgorski

15 Disturbing Images Of Wrestlers' Injuries


Professional wrestling is extremely dangerous. It’s one of those careers that can change your life in a bad way very easily. There’s a very good reason wrestlers warn viewers not to copy what’s done i...

15 Most Disappointing WWE Superstars Since 2000


Being a professional wrestler in WWE is one big gamble. Not only do you have to possess a myriad of almost unrealistic physical and personal qualities that you have to maintain 24/7, but you also have...

15 WWE Signings You NEVER Expected


For the longest time, you could predict the kinds of people that WWE would be looking to hire with ease. Vince’s personal checklist for what makes a top superstar in WWE is pretty well known. It’s com...

Ranking The WWE's 2016 Roster


If you were to look at WWE’s roster, you’d find a collection of very diverse individuals. Technicians, brawlers, submission specialists, Canadians, Europeans, wrestlers who can cut promos, wrestlers w...

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