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Alexander Podgorski

Alexander is a graduate of Queen's University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Studies & French Studies, and a Master's Degree in Public Administration. He has been a fan of professional wrestling since he was eight years old, and loves to write about it.

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15 Disturbing Images Of Wrestlers’ Injuries

Alexander Podgorski

Professional wrestling is extremely dangerous. It’s one of those careers that can change your life in a bad way very easily. There’s a very good reason wrestlers warn viewers not …

The WWE’s 8 Biggest Losers Of 2017 (And 8 Winners)

Alexander Podgorski

We’re almost halfway through the 2017 calendar year, and much has already changed in WWE. The rosters have been shifted around, wrestlers have been injured, the championships have changed hands …

15 Most Disappointing WWE Superstars Since 2000

Alexander Podgorski

Being a professional wrestler in WWE is one big gamble. Not only do you have to possess a myriad of almost unrealistic physical and personal qualities that you have to …

15 Wrestlers That Are Stiffer Than Hardcore Holly

Alexander Podgorski

Hardcore Holly was known as one of the stiffest wrestlers in WWE history. While his list of accomplishments is rather threadbare, he still managed to earn the respect of Vince …

20 Wrestling Legends Of The 90s: Where Are They Now?

Alexander Podgorski

The 1990s was without doubt the best period ever for professional wrestling. It was one of the few periods where there was strong competition that encouraged promotions to put on …

15 WWE Signings You NEVER Expected

Alexander Podgorski

For the longest time, you could predict the kinds of people that WWE would be looking to hire with ease. Vince’s personal checklist for what makes a top superstar in …

Ranking The WWE’s 2016 Roster

Alexander Podgorski

If you were to look at WWE’s roster, you’d find a collection of very diverse individuals. Technicians, brawlers, submission specialists, Canadians, Europeans, wrestlers who can cut promos, wrestlers who cannot, …

7 WWE Entrance Themes That Suck (and 7 That Rock)

Alexander Podgorski

In order to sell the idea of WWE Superstars being larger-than-life characters convincingly, they need to be presented as big deals at every opportunity. A critical requirement for such an …

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