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Alex Keobke

Hey! While I've never had tea or coffee (woo fun fact!) I survived my university education so I am no stranger to a computer screen. While my main passion is football (Go Hawks!), I love to write about entertainment or anything that catches my eye about pop culture. Who knows, read long enough and I may even make a joke or two! (but definitely not three)

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15 Photos Of Celebrities After They Fell From Grace

Alex Keobke

Celebrities have a tendency to be treated as almost mythological creatures when their time in the spotlight is shining. The paparazzi follow their every move, they dictate the fashion trends (remember …

15 Facts About The Big Bang Theory Girls

Alex Keobke

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on television. This is due in part to the outstanding acting that comes from the three female leads: Kaley Cuoco, …

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