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20 Completely Useless Marvel Villains

If there's one thing that every great superhero needs it's a great super-villain- pitting their wits against each other as they battle across the universe, usually with the fate of humanity in the bal...


10 Surprising Facts About Marvel's Cable

With this year becoming the 'ultimate year of the comic book movie,' fans are looking for the next 'hero' to make their screen debut. With Captain America and Iron Man going toe to toe in Civil War an...

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The 10 Most Paused Moments In Movies

In the golden days of movies, if something appeared on the screen such as a glimpse of celebrity flesh, you would first be in shock and think twice about what you just saw. Then you would do the pains...


15 TV Shows We Wish Never Made A Comeback

Bringing back tried and tested material isn't anything new in the entertainment industry. The movie world is always revisiting old stock. It almost seems that every other movie is either a reboot or a remake these days. Television is no different.