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Alex Caine

I'm Alex. I'm a nerd. I love movies, comic books, pop culture, and sports. This bio shit totally feels like a Tinder profile and those always suck so I don't wanna do one. You already kinda like me on some level or you wouldn't be reading this, so enjoy the site. P.S. Go Mizzou!

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Top 15 Worst Comic Book Origin Stories

Alex Caine

We are getting a ton of new superhero and villain origin stories lately. It seems like the studios are ready to move on from just releasing sequel after sequel, and …

Top 15 Biggest Disappointments In NBA History

Alex Caine

Making it in the NBA is arguably harder than any other professional sport in the United States. Besides the fact that you have to be a genetic anomaly to even …

Top 12 Hottest Fictional Princesses

Alex Caine

Not sure why it always happens, but princesses are beautiful. Princess Diana, stunning. Kate Middleton, absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t know her already, google Princess Ameerah al-Taweel, you’ll thank us …

12 Things To Expect In Deadpool 2

Alex Caine

Deadpool 2: CONFIRMED! Yea we all knew it would be… it’s been the talk of the movie world since it’s release and has changed the way studios will look at …

12 Things Wrong With Legends Of Tomorrow

Alex Caine

If you’re a fan of Legends of Tomorrow chances are that you were a fan of one or both of its predecessors, Arrow or Flash. There is so much going right …

15 R-Rated Comic Book Movies We Want To See

Alex Caine

Deadpool has broken every R-rated movie record. It was an excellent movie and deserves its place on top. Producers should take a look at it and work to create more …

Top 15 Most Powerful Avengers

Alex Caine

Everyone knows the Avengers. It’s the guy with the bow and arrow, the big green dude, the shield man, and Robert Downey Jr. Right? Well, yeah… kinda. The MCU has …

Top 15 Underrated Movies Of The 2000s

Alex Caine

Many people point to the 2000s as the new golden age of movies. Who can blame them? It’s become one of the most lucrative industries and some of the most …

15 X-Men Characters Marvel Wants You To Forget

Alex Caine

X-Men is arguably the most popular team of superheroes ever. The likes of Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Prof. X have become household names, and the series has spawned 8 movies …

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