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12 Of The Hottest Celebrity Rebounds


Breakups are never easy. Most of us go through this horrendous pain for the first time, when we get dumped by our first girlfriend or boyfriend in high school. Unlike most things, breakups don't get e...

Meet The Superhuman: 11 Real-Life X-Men

Most Shocking

We have all heard of Stan Lee's ultra-popular comic book X-Men. Lee created the world in which there are some people, called mutants, who have incredible superpowers. For some reason, superpowers have...

14 Of The Biggest Nags In Hollywood


There are a couple of things that people say about the money. They say that money makes the world go around, that it is a root of all evil and that it changes people. Every expression seems about righ...

13 Unexpected Final Movies Of Great Actors


Life’s unpredictable, you never know when you’re going to go! No one ever plans to die, but as fate would have it – it happens anyways. So, why wouldn’t we chase our dreams and live it up to the fulle...

12 Dirty Tapes Worth As Much As Kim K's


Before Kim Kardashian became a global phenomenon, she was Paris Hilton's friend and not so much involved in media. Around 2007, everything changed for her when the sexy tape that she recorded with her...

13 Tiniest Celebs With The Sexiest Assets


Poison comes in small bottles they say, and when you see the assets on these celebs we’ll be talking about today you’ll be certain it’s true. When you see them on the screen, you are newer aware of ho...

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