Articles by Akil Wingate

10 Of The Most Appetizing Insects


Entomophagy is the consumption of insects as food. It derives from the Greek words éntomon for “insect” and phagein for “to eat.” Some  2 billion people, including 36 African countries and 23 in the A...

5 Of The Most Shocking Celebrity Murders

Most Shocking

Despite 10 foot high shrubbery walls that buffer them and their princely Malibu estates from the rest of the world, celebrities are not immune to the backhanded slap of the law when trouble rolls arou...

The 5 Most Unlikely Expensive Places To Live


Champagne goblets in Monaco. Yacht side views of dolphins and sharks in Cabo. Helicopter jaunts over the Alps. Nope, nin, nil. This is not that sort of list. Granted the usual suspects that appear on ...