Articles by Aja Dandridge


Meow! 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Ranked!

Caring for pets is not only therapeutic but a rewarding experience. Most animal lovers prefer dogs over cats since felines get a bad rep for not being “affectionate” enough, though cats can make great...


The 10 Richest Female Singers In 2019

In a world dominated by men, women have been fighting for years for equality. In recent years, a call for change has especially become more urgent as women are finally taking a stand for their rights,...


9 Of The Weirdest And Coolest Celebrity Hobbies

Working all week can wear us down and even put us in a crappy mood. That’s why it helps to have a favorite hobby to do in our spare time. Life isn’t just about eating, working and sleeping all the tim...


10 Hot Wheels Cars That Exist In Real Life!

Whether we’re a toy collector, a sports car fanatic or just a car lover, we can’t deny that Hot Wheels delivers the best of the best. This mega toy brand has been around for 50 years and continues to ...


10 Of The World's Most Private Celebrities

In the world of stars, being in the limelight just comes with the territory. Celebrities are always caught in the crosshairs of mass media attention, whether it be a new love interest or they’re commi...