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18 Songs We All Love To Hate

It’s on heavy rotation, on practically every radio station and even though you claim to hate the song whenever it comes on, you know every single word. You just can’t help singing along to that darn c...


9 Leading Rappers With Not So Gangster Pasts

Rappers work hard to build a tough reputation, and portray an intimidating image. Whether or not there is any truth to their projected image, they must maintain these airs to protect their street cred...

Celebrity Money

9 Of The Wealthiest Z-List Stars

Most of the names on this list may not have been of any relevance for quite some time, or really ever at all, but their bank accounts would certainly beg to differ. These Z-list Celebrities, some tale...

Celebrity Money

10 Heirs Set For Life

There is no better luck than that of one born equipped with a silver spoon. The phrase silver spoon here means, “Never needing to work a day in your life, because someone who is now dead, worked their...

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