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most awkward movie kisses

10 Most Awkward Makeout Scenes In Movies


Audiences love a good kiss between the characters in their favorite films, and not just chick flicks either. Any genre of movie will have some sort of make out scene thrown into it for our viewing ple...

The 10 Most Sexist Shows On Television


It may be because television writers are increasingly male, but the discrimination towards women that we see on TV every night makes us feel like we’re stuck in the past. It’s not like writers need to...

15 NHL Stars Who Nearly Lost Everything


When you’re a professional hockey player in the NHL, you feel like you’re unstoppable and untouchable. You’re getting paid for doing something you love, you can get any girl you want, you’re famous an...

Ben Affleck

15 Actors Who Hate Their Own Movies


Regretting something from your past is a terrible feeling. The only thing that could be worse is if that mistake followed you around everywhere you went. These 15 stars have to deal with their biggest...

Girl Walking Towards Red Door

10 Of The Biggest Mysteries About Dreams

The Biggest

Human beings spend one-third of our lives asleep and yet dreaming is still a mystery to us. Even experts are not decided on what exactly happens inside our minds when we’re asleep. What is known for s...

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