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10 People Who Missed Out On Millions

To an outsider, the tech industry can seem completely overwhelming and a little bit baffling. What makes this new guy’s idea so revolutionary? What does that even mean? Does having that name attached ...


10 Celebs Who Are Multilingual

Speaking another language – or two, or three – is something that many individuals want to be able to do. It’s not hard to see why – you get exposed to different cultures, and quite frankly, a lot of f...


12 Of The Hottest Celebrity DILFs

While everyone has heard the term MILF applied to mothers who manage to keep looking hot after they have children, the word DILF is perhaps less commonly used. Sure, dads don’t have to regain their pr...


10 Things Women Find Way Sexier Than Looks

The myth that all women are searching for Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome can lead many men to be feel discouraged if they don’t quite fit that role – and they shouldn’t be! No one is denying that physica...


10 Of The Best Celebrity / Fan Moments

Celebrities are just people like the rest of us. Despite this, sometimes it can seem as if they’re a world away. When interacting with fans, celebrities are frequently literally behind barriers that c...


12 TV Stars Who Were Destroyed By Fame

Reality television is a guilty pleasure for many, many individuals across the world. Sure, we know that the drama, wine-throwing, yelling and catfights are sometimes fabricated, and that situations ar...


12 Of The Hottest Celebrity MILFs

Celebrities often defy the aging process. After all, it’s their job to look good – they have the resources to keep their body in shape with the help of a personal trainer, to hire a personal chef to p...

High Life

10 Exercises That Will Seriously Lift Your Butt

Perhaps Sir Mix-A-Lot said it best in his hit guilty pleasure song “Baby Got Back” – “I’m tired of magazines saying flat butts are the thing.” It seems women around the world are tired of trying to di...

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