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15 Things We Didn’t Know About Leslie Mann


Leslie Mann is a bit of a strange force in Hollywood. She’s been in the industry for over 20 years now, consistently getting roles. Her husband, comedy king Judd Apatow, has …

15 Hot Pics Of Holly Madison You Can’t Ignore


Holly Madison first caught the public’s attention as one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on the reality television show The Girls Next Door. Since then, she’s managed to carve out her …

15 Stars Who Were Raised By LGBT Parents


Once upon a time, there were a lot of secrets in the entertainment industry because the world was a bit wary of anyone who was perceived to be different. There …

15 Lies Every D-Bag Tells His Girlfriend


There are definitely good guys out there, guys who believe in openness and honesty in a relationship. However, let’s be honest – there are also a whole lot of douchebags. …

15 Celebs Caught Partying Way Too Hard


Celebrities like to blow off steam, just like everyone else. And, unlike the average person who goes out with a budget in mind, their super-sized paychecks mean they can pay …

15 Photos Kate Upton Doesn’t Want Us To See


There’s no doubt about it — Kate Upton is absolutely stunning. The fresh-faced blonde model has caused quite the splash since making her debut because her body was, well, different than …

20 Photos That Will Drive You Absolutely Insane


There’s a reason that so many people are into documenting life events and major moments via photographs – there are many, many gorgeous photos in the world, from intimate portraits …

15 Hot Hilary Duff Selfies You NEED To See


If the last time you saw Hilary Duff was when she was a teenager playing the plucky Lizzie McGuire on the Disney channel, you have a surprise coming your way. …

15 Hot Stars You Forgot Appeared On The O.C.


Seth, Summer, Ryan, Marissa, Sandy, Kirsten, Julie, Jimmy… the characters on The O.C. were like our extended group of friends and family. We all wanted to surf with Sandy Cohen, …

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Stark


In the comic book world, there are many heroes who are some type of superhuman creature, forces of nature from other planets or other worlds that are brought to earth …

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The O.C.


There have been plenty of teen dramas on television over the past decade– shows about wealthy, big city kids like Gossip Girl, shows about high school athletes like One Tree …

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