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5 Haunted Roads That Will Spook You

When we hear about haunted places, we instantly think of giant old castles and mansions, maybe an abandoned asylum enters our thoughts or the eerie forest near where you live. However, let me ask you ...

High Life

5 Fascinating Facts about the Illuminati

In recent times, a rumour has been circulating, growing ever stronger, about a secret society that controls the world from behind the scenes: The Illuminati. Theories and conspiracies surrounding the ...


5 Fascinating Facts about John D. Rockefeller

John Davison Rockefeller, Sr was a highly influential and wealthy business man who revolutionised both the petroleum industry and the structure of modern philanthropy. Born in Richford, New York in 18...


5 Youngest Prodigies in the World

A prodigy is defined as being a child, therefore under the age of 18, who can perform at an abnormally high level than their age suggests in a particular field. This means that they are performing so ...


The World’s Top 5 Gaming Billionaires

When people think of billionaires, they typically think of people who are in the finance or entertainment industry. They don’t usually think of the gaming industry, which has quite a few billionaires ...

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