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Top 10 Most Bizarre Military Experiments Ever Conducted

Jay Adrianna

Jay Adrianna is a Freelance writer and editor since 2009. She loves writing on a myriad of niches, and is passionate about traveling. She is also a moderator at ListMonde.

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10 Creatures Who Were Nerfed By Evolution

Jay Adrianna

Evolution may be one of the great scientific discoveries of our time, but it also isn’t perfect. We have found lots of evidence for multiple awesome creatures, who have since …

10 Of The Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials

Jay Adrianna

Having marked their territory in our hearts with the help of their action sequences, romantic endeavors and brilliantly executed problem-solving, celebrities seem to have everything working out for them. That …

10 WWE Wrestlers With The Most Impressive Cars

Jay Adrianna

WWE wrestling superstars aren’t just passionate about their wrestling careers or their special moves. All of those days spent in the ring is extremely lucrative. WWE wrestlers are required to …

10 Celebs Who Secretly Follow Scientology

Jay Adrianna

Scientologists believe that when they die, they move on to another body. Man is thus immortal, as well as a spiritual being. Okay, that doesn’t sound that bad or cultish. …

10 Tragic Cases Of WWE Stars Committing Suicide

Jay Adrianna

“If you smell… what The Rock… is… cooking!” – The Rock, WWE Heavyweight Champion. I can still recall the memory back from my old high school days. The sun had …

10 Athletes Who Were Accused Of Using Drug Enhancements

Jay Adrianna

How many times have we heard about supposedly talented athletes who used drug enhancements to increase their performances at the sports they do. Many fans adored famous athletes and sports figures …

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