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11 Athletes With The Largest Sports Fines

Professional athletes misbehaving is far from new; every day, some rich jock gets splashed across the news for all the wrong reasons. But to counter their hijinks, the leagues they play for try to hit athletes where it hurts; right in the pocket.

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10 Of Nature's Nastiest Animal Parasites

When you hear 'zombie', the first thing that probably flashes through your mind is the TV show The Walking Dead. But instead of turning into a zombie because you got bit by a Walker, scientists reckon you could be a walking zombie, right this moment.


11 Of The Most Androgynous Celebrities

Androgyny is generally defined as a person who "does not fit neatly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles." According to psychologists, androgyny has less to do with fashion, but more a...


The 10 Worst Trends Of 2015

I was on Vine the other day, and I got to thinking about the “What are Thoooose” meme. If the Vibram FiveFingers were created back in 1999, they would be the butt of every Vine.

Most Influential

The 12 Strangest Military Bases

Dotted across the globe are many military bases in all stages of use and disrepair, from the Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania or the impregnable German Flak Towers. One would think the high cost of c...

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10 Of The Most Badass Female Soldiers

When Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver completed the US Army Ranger School course in August, it represented a milestone in the fight for total gender equality in the military. For those who...


10 Royals Who Break The Mould

At one time, the monarchy actually had a function. The “unwashed hordes” needed one person to lead them into war, govern and generally organize their lives. But with history showing just how that syst...

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