Articles by A.C. Williams


15 Creepiest Unexplained New York City Legends

In 1898, Brooklyn became the fifth borough to join the City of New York, and those past 119 years the Big Apple has evolved into not only the most populated city in the United States but also the fina...


15 Celebrities Who Died Horrifying Deaths

Did you know that vending machines kill two to three people a year on average? It's true, people try to get a free snack and the next thing they know, WHAM!, a glass tower of Frito's and honeybuns is ...


15 Hottest 'Scream Queens' Then and Now

Before the term “Scream Queen” triggered thoughts of Emma Roberts torturing sorority sisters, it was a title bestowed upon young actresses who graced the blood-spattered silver screen. The horror genr...

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