Articles by A.C. Williams


15 Times "Superfans" Took It TOO Far

If you're one of these people who believe that fame is calling to you, then you need to have a seat and actually think about what it would be like walking down the street and being bombarded with mobs...


15 Photos Of The Creepiest Toys Ever Made

When I was a kid, the hottest toy for children under the age of five was Teddy Ruxpin. Without going into too much unnecessary detail, Ruxpin was an animatronic teddy bear. If you flipped him over ont...


15 Most Ruthless Hitmen In History

It really wasn't too long ago that the Mafia became a major figure in American crime and a major thorn in the sides of U.S. authorities. Nowadays, we see more drug traffickers in t-shirts than we do d...


15 Of The Most Ruthless Underworld Kingpins

Organized crime isn't what it used to be. The glory days, romanticized in television and film, have long since gone the way of prohibition, but not without allowing some of its most dangerous players ...


15 Things You Didn't Know About O.J. Simpson

After 20 plus years since the "trial of the century" took place, the world is still enthralled with the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. And with last year's Emmy Award-winning scripted FX seri...


15 Most Chilling Places To Be Caught Alone

There's something about being alone that feels great. You're allowed your own peace and quiet, no one's bugging you and you have complete and full control over the remote control. However, at the same...

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