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black-widow-cosplay by crystal graziano

15 Smoking Hot Black Widow Cosplays

It takes a special kind of cosplayer to pull off a really convincing Black Widow. Of all the female characters in comic books, movies, and anime, Natasha Romanoff’s tight black garb – while, in a word...


15 Filthy Rich Teens Who Turned Out Evil

We’d all like to be one of those rich kids who fill their Instagram feeds with the expensive cars, vacations, and night-clubbing of the like we ordinary mortals just can’t afford. Life as one of those...


15 Worst Marvel Movies Ever Made

We love Marvel movies and the whole MCU, no question. But... over the years, there have been so many superhero movies, so many superhero stories told, in so many ways. It stands to reason that now and...


Warning: These 20 Photos Are Creepy AF

Some images stick in your mind forever. There's a compelling quality about them that you just can’t forget. Since the dawn of photographic technology, photographers have tried to create those kinds of...

High Life

15 Things That Secretly Turn Your Girl Off

If you're a guy who dates women, have you ever had the feeling you did something wrong -- terribly, terribly wrong -- but you can't, for the life of you, figure out what it was? Of course you have. De...


15 Most Shocking Celebrity Fist Fights

Celebrities and fist fights -- why? Isn't money and fame enough for them? The answer is "apparently not," at least in some cases. Maybe it's the fame and fortune itself that causes at least some of th...

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