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Anya Wassenberg

I"m a freelance writer and a singer in a local band in my home town in Southern Ontario. Love comic books, (graphic novels,) sci fi and fantasy in movies and TV, music and pop culture in general.

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15 Kids TV Shows That Gave Us PTSD

Anya Wassenberg

Kids TV shows, like books for children, should be positive, upbeat, and happy, right? They should leave their young viewers with a smile on their faces and maybe impart a …

Thor Ragnarok: 15 Rumors We Hope Aren’t True

Anya Wassenberg

Thor: Ragnarok has been making everyone’s list of most anticipated movies of Fall 2017 weeks ahead of its release date. With indie director Taika Waititi at the helm, there’s been …

20 Most Overrated Movies On Netflix

Anya Wassenberg

Overrated movies leave a bad taste on your “Netflix and chill” experience. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to stick with built-in suggestions, only to find that Netflix …

15 Dramatic Bank Heists Caught On Camera

Anya Wassenberg

Even in our digital era, the smallest bank branch still holds a stash of cash. To criminal minds, it’s the ultimate temptation, and to some, it’s a challenge that’s just …

15 Creepy Night-Vision Pics Of Animals

Anya Wassenberg

Night vision pictures of animals can bring out a side of those furry, funny creatures that we may not like but which can never be unseen. Compared to many animals, …

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