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Ladies Of Storage Wars: 15 Photos That’ll Make You Wanna Watch The Show

Astoria Starr

I love to write. I love to find out about new things.

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8 Notorious Hollywood Cheaters (And 7 Straight Arrows)

Astoria Starr

You know the old saying, “Cheaters never prosper.” Well, unfortunately, that’s just not true. Cheaters often do quite well; thank you. Hollywood celebrities are no exception. The only difference between …

15 Celebs Channeling Their Inner Trailer Park

Astoria Starr

Sometimes, girls like a bit of roughness, like a bad boy. And guys, if they were honest, find trashy bad girls straight out of the double wide a real turn-on. …

15 Hollywood Backsides That Prove Big Is Beautiful

Astoria Starr

Big booty is hot! Hollywood babes (and sometimes guys) are rushing to “butt” doctors for enhancements. Sometimes, it is fat injections. Sometimes, it’s implants. Those big booties are almost never …

15 Things That Prove Kate Upton Is A Nasty Witch

Astoria Starr

Kate Upton, that gorgeous all-American s*x symbol. She of the smoldering eyes, legs that go on forever, and (not to forget) those double D-cup wonders. She is every guy’s dream …

15 Hot Hollywood Divas Nobody Wants To Be Around

Astoria Starr

Do you think you know what your favorite star is like? Think again. Our impressions of a celebrity, whether actress, model, singer, or reality star, is what they project and want …

15 Scandals That Prove Disney Has Always Been A Sin Bin

Astoria Starr

Disney sells itself as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” a family-friendly “Magic Kingdom” where family values and wholesomeness reign supreme. It all started with Walt Disney‘s passion for animation that …

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