Articles by Alyson Shepard


The Top 21 Richest Stars Under 21

While you’re scrounging for the $20 at the bottom of your bag to pay for dinner out with friends, these youngsters have enough to pay for food for the entire restaurant. Say hello to 21 incredibly suc...


15 Hottest Mean Girls Of Reality TV

If your favorite reality show had no mean girls in it, would you still watch it? We think not. Thanks to girls with bad attitudes, we've been gifted with some of the most entertaining reality televisi...


15 Women Married To The Most Ruthless Men

Many would argue that nothing is stronger than the power of love-- but can it actually blind you from noticing you're in love with a complete monster? If you've ever broken up with an ex and wondered ...


15 Reasons We Think Mandy Moore Is Hot AF

Is it possible to find a pop-star turned actress that is extremely successful, well liked, and incredibly sexy? Of course we're talking about the incredibly beautiful and talented Mandy Moore. Origina...

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