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10 Things Hugh Jackman Does To Achieve Success

Hugh Jackman has repeatedly proved himself as a bankable actor. His role as Wolverine in the X-Men films made him instantly recognizable. His other noteworthy roles were in Van Helsing and Prestige. M...


The 10 Most Expensive Sculptures Ever Sold

Sculptures and paintings have been some of the earliest forms of art, revealing to humanity the untold story of our civilization.  Imbued with anthropological and cultural value, they tell us how we i...


The 10 Most Expensive Movie Props Ever Sold

Most of us love collecting memorabilia relating to our favorite movies. Be it posters or action figures or collectible toys or T-shirts, buying and showing off official merchandise from films that we loved, makes us happy.


10 Makeup Brands Who Have Made The Most Money

Whether you love it or hate, makeup often plays a crucial role in our lives. We all have our favorite matte lipsticks that we swear by, concealers that hide any blemishes on our faces and mascara that gives our eyes that smoky, sexy vibe.

Pop Culture

10 Richest Rockstars, Ranked

Many of us dreamed of making a career in music during our teenage years. We'd strum our secondhand guitars or play the drums and hope of making it big as some of our favorite rockstars. We'd fantasize...


10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

Nowadays it's not just the average CGI-drenched Marvel film that crosses the one billion mark – video games bring in huge profits that fall within the range of multi-million or a few billion dollars. ...


10 Most Expensive Toys Ever Made

Most of us cannot imagine a childhood without the toys that our parents and well-wishers showered us with. Be it action figures, board games, cars, dollhouses, or teddy bears, we all have fond memorie...

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