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Avengers Endgame and Us Featured

Top 10 Highest Grossing Films of 2019

Every year, there are different trends in popular cinema. 2019 has been dominated by remakes, animation, and several films released by the Marvel franchise. The top spot, claimed by Avengers: Endgame,...


The Top 10 Wealthiest Bitcoin Millionaires

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency in circulation today. Created in 2008 by the mysterious inventor (or group of inventors) going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, it has established itself ...

Pop Culture

The 10 Richest Podcasters Of 2019

Podcasts are one of the hottest audio treats of our generation, with thousands of podcast series available for download or streaming. Apple offers a gallery on iTunes, and Spotify is chock-full of the...


The 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands, Ranked

Fragrance has always gone hand in hand with fashion. Smelling good is as important as looking good, and because scent is so closely tied to memory and emotions, you want to choose a smell that sets yo...


10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments In Europe

Luxury living in Europe offers so many options. From London to Paris, there are different styles and architectural designs to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for an ocean view penthouse in M...


10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments In Asia

Luxurious living has taken on a whole new meaning in recent decades. Instead of buying large homes with huge yards, more and more of the wealthiest elite are opting for spacious and deluxe apartment l...


NYC Penthouses: The Priciest Sky-High Suites

New York City is one of the world's most extravagant and lively places to live. With Manhattan penthouses offering extraordinary views of the city, life at the top is a luxury afforded only to the rich and famous.

Pop Culture

10 Highest Paid Pop Musicians To Date

Pop music has evolved tremendously from the 1960s, when The Beatles presented the world with harmonies and drum beats that had never been heard before. Catchy choruses paired with funky dance moves se...

Pop Culture

10 Highest Paid DJs To Date

In the past couple of decades, music has evolved tremendously. Gone are the days where you could categorize anything into the standard musical genres; pop, rock, country. The millennial generation has...


High Tea In London: 10 Poshest Locations

Indulging in afternoon tea is one of the quintessential things to do in the U.K. This social ritual is as much about gathering and catching up with friends as it is about making a statement about your...


10 Richest Towns In California

California has long been one of the richest states in America. With close to 40 million residents, California is host to more than 10% of the country's population. A booming entertainment industry, bu...


10 Hollywood Heirs Under The Age Of Ten

Children of celebrities face certain challenges that are hard to overcome at a young age. Being thrust into the limelight, constantly followed, and photographed. Dealing with a parent (or both!) who h...

Gadgets and Tech

Top 10 Most Expensive NASA Missions

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States of America, was founded in 1958, replacing the former NACA, National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics. With an annual fede...

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