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Alyssa Merwin

Alyssa Merwin is a writer from Los Angeles. Read her movie reviews at and her other work at IG: spaceglam

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15 Actor Demands That Totally Changed The Movies

Alyssa Merwin

More often than not, an actor has little control over the plot, storyline, and script of a movie and it’s the director, producer, and writer that have the most influence. …

15 Poor Kids Who Are Struggling So Hard

Alyssa Merwin

As an adult, looking back at your life as a child may make you wistful for a time when you didn’t have to deal with the responsibilities of the real world. …

15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Being Shady

Alyssa Merwin

We all know that celebrities can be shady and sometimes their shadiness knows no bounds. However, there are times when celebrities are sneaky about being shady and can make a jab at …

15 Cartoon Characters With Tragic Origins

Alyssa Merwin

You would never suspect that fun and lovable cartoons like Snow White, Tom and Jerry, and Winnie the Pooh were all inspired by tragic events, would you? Sorry to tell …

15 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations

Alyssa Merwin

For as long as Hollywood has been around, there has been a demand for making sure people will love you (whatever that means). And though it wasn’t as commonplace in …

15 Things We Didn’t Know About Church Camp

Alyssa Merwin

The documentary Jesus Camp came out over 10 years ago and it is still just as shocking today as it was then. Viewers of the controversial documentary were shocked by …