Articles by Adrienne Gonzalez

15 Jobs That Attract The Most D-Bags


Unfortunately for us, we are surrounded everyday by douchebags. They cut us off in traffic, they stand in the doorway at the entrance to the grocery store for absolutely no reason, they use the left-h...

15 Shockingly Racist 90s Kids Shows


When we think of racist cartoons, most of us immediately think of those old black and white Disney shorts that mostly disappeared long ago except for a few YouTube links titled MOST RACIST CARTOON EVE...

15 Men Who Drive Worse Than Women

High Life

We've all heard the old trope: women are terrible drivers. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of riding shotgun with a 16-year-old girl fiddling with the radio can confirm that certain women drive...

20 Stars Who Just Couldn't Hold It In


In the 1977 children's book Everyone Poops, children are taught that it's totally OK to poop because hey, everyone does it! An elephant makes a big poop, and a mouse makes a tiny poop. Dogs poop in th...

15 Celebrities Who Begged For Money


In their 2016 Year in Giving report, GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon wrote: "We've now reached a point in popular culture where 'GoFundMe' has become shorthand for help." House burned down? Start a GoFundMe....