10 Expensive Purchases Made By Chris Evans

Chris Evans is better known for his role as Captain America. But the actor is much more than that. Besides the successful Marvel movies, he was in several other projects like teenager movies and the acclaimed Lobby Hero on Broadway.

10 Expensive Purchases Made By Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd became a household name during the '90s, thanks to his role in Clueless. Since then, the actor worked in successful projects on television, like Friends, and also became a Marvel superhero, with the Ant-Man.

10 Celebrities Who Have Huge Watch Collections

Lots of people collect different kinds of things. Some of those things are cheap, as well as easy to find, while others are expensive and rare, which adds to their value. One of the things a lot of individuals enjoy collecting is watches.

Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon Clothing Collections

10 Most Affordable Celebrity Clothing Lines

Whenever we see a celebrity in the media, we tend to over-analyze their outfits and overall appearance. Most of the time we come to the dissatisfying conclusion that their clothes are out of the monthly budget, so we forget about it.

10 Most Expensive Yoga Retreats in the World

The hustle and bustle of urban life can be exhausting. Looking to unplug and get away? While a relaxing deep tissue massage, sauna, or facial might make a fabulous spa day, a week-long yoga retreat can provide intensive, personalized healing.

10 Richest Game Show Hosts Of All Time

Though hosts don't have to test their skills on game shows like the contestants do, they still have quite a job to do, if you think about it! A successful game show host can't just facilitate and mono...

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