Best-Paid Benchwarmers In Sports

In 2010-2011, these players made the most to play the least. Salaries and player stats from the most recently (or soon to be) completed football, basketball and hockey seasons. The current 2011 season is used for baseball.

Most Corrupt Countries In The World 2011

According to the annual survey by the Berlin-based organization Transparency International, which compiles data on public sector corruption and its perceptions around the world and ranks them in desce...

Highest-Paid Basketball Players

The NBA's highest-paid players are not always its best, out of the 10 players selected to the All-NBA first and second team in 2010, only one player is also among the game's 10 highest-paid for the 2010-11 season.

20 Most Powerful Young Women 2011

Under 45 most powerful young women of Forbes' Power Women list wield their influence in business, sports or entertainment; the latter two are industries that not only reward youth, but thrive on it.

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