The Worlds Most Expensive Cat Breed

In today's world, pets can be a way to show your class or status in the world. When you purchase an animal, and spend a ridiculous amount on it, it shows how much disposable income you really have. This cat, the Ashera cat, is actually marketed by a company it costs so much money. The company Lifestyle pets markets this cat as a hybrid wild, house cat.

These Ashera cats are no small kitty. This is the real deal! This cat can weigh up to 40 pounds. They can be as large as some small children. This cat has reflexes and characteristics of a cat in the wild, so playing with this kitty is a blast. They can jump up large walls and dart across the room for their favorite toy. Playing with this cat is a fun time for sure!

This cat is no small price tag. Most used cars, and even some new ones, cost less than the price tag of this cat. Lifestyle pets charges just around 20 thousand dollars for this animal. They found out how to breed a hypoallergenic version which they are now selling for just over 40 thousand dollars. This is no cheap pound cat. Their price can vary a lot depending on their markings as well. Ashera cats with certain rare marking have been price up to almost 150,000 dollars. This cat is easily the most expensive cat out on the market today. You wont be seeing this high class cat hanging out in any alleys anytime soon.  

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