• Most Expensive Dog to Own

    There are many choices when choosing what breed of dog you want to own. If you are an avid hunter you may want to look for a Bloodhound, or a Brittany Spaniel. If you are in a family you might want a golden lab, they are great with children. Maybe you don't really care as much and you just want to adopt a mut from the pound. With all these choices you may be surprised to know there are "luxury breeds". These are the breeds that the high rollers love to have. It has almost become a fashion statement, or an assertion of what class you belong to.

    So what is the most luxurious and pricey breed of them all?

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    The Tibetan Mastiff.

    The Tibetan Mastiff takes the crown for the worlds most expensive dog to own. The record was recently set actually for the most money ever spent on purchasing a dog. The purchase was 1.5 million dollars for the 11 month old Tibetan Mastiff "Big Splash." Dog aficionados  have approached the owners of Big Splash and offered 100,000 dollars for his future puppies.

    If you want to purchase yourself a Tibetan Mastiff you are going to be looking at spending a pretty penny yourself. The average price for this dog breed is 15,000 dollars. You can buy some pretty nice cars for that much money!

    These dogs have said to be one of the oldest and most majestic breeds. They were used in ancient times to guard the nomads in Tibet. If you have 15,000 to spare for this pup, you too could have your very own Tibetan guard dog!


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