Grumpy cat, the worlds most famous cat

We have all seen the funny meems around the internet with Mr. Grumpy cat. She is one of the fastest growing meems around, and almost everyone knows her as either grumpy cat, or not cat. Grumpy cat, or Tardar Sauce as his family calls her, is quickly growing into a world wide celebrity, quickly making her the worlds most famous cat.

Grumpy cat meems can be found all over the internet. Grumpy cat has her own facebook page, website, online store, and wikipedia page. Grumpy cat even has her own activity book! People all of the time are sending in emails asking if they can meet grumpy cat. The owners are actually working on organizing a meet and greet tour where fans all over the United States will be able to meet grumpy cat. This can make sense when grumpy cat's facebook page has almost 1,000,000 fans!

Grumpy Cat sure has had her share of media exposure. She has done a commercial for Friskies cat foot. She has appeared on Good Morning America. She has even been interviewed by Forbes! Grumpy cat was even given a cameo in a friends feature length film.

At the festive south by south west in Texas, Grumpy Cat was given a booth in which fans could come and take a picture with her. The line went for almost 3 blocks and consisted of over 600 people waiting to take their picture with grumpy cat. Friskies fronted the bill on this extravagant booth and trip.

Grumpy cat is a sweetheart with a calm demeanor. Even though she looks grumpy, she is probably happy that she is the most famous cat in the world!

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