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Booby Trap! 20 Celebs, You Can’t Help But Look

Booby Trap! 20 Celebs, You Can’t Help But Look Gazzetta dello Sport

Sneaking a peek at some cleavage is the last of life’s cheap thrills. It’s like picking a four-leaf clover. It’s like finding a shiny new penny on the sidewalk – head’s up. Or like receiving a telegram, winning a dollar on a scratch-off lottery ticket or getting a lucky saying in your fortune cookie. It doesn’t mean anything, but it puts a pep in your step and a smile on your face. That’s the power of cleavage. You can’t help but look.

A good booby trap is also like a delicious little secret that only you are privy to. Knowing it doesn’t do any harm, yet there’s excitement in the taboo, in doing something wrong, in getting away with something. And it’s not just you fellas that like to get an eye full, because women get a rush as well. It’s biology at its basest. Humans like to check out other humans. It gets our blood flowing, our hearts racing and our minds wandering.

Then before we know it, the moment passes. Like a bubble bursting, a rainbow fading or a waft of warm apple pie, cleavage isn’t forever. It seems that as soon as someone passes into our line of sight, it disappears into oblivion. But lucky for us, pictures are forever. So sneak more than a peek at these booby traps of 20 celeb hotties. Don’t worry – there’s no time limit on the internet.

20. Scarlett Johansson

via Creative Boys

via Creative Boys

Ever since Scarlett Johansson walked the red carpet at the 2006 Golden Globes, everyone has been obsessed with her, and with her stunning chest. Even out and proud fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, just couldn’t keep his hands to himself when he interviewed her, as he copped a feel. Everyone believes that she’s been surgically enhanced, but no one really cares because her pair is just so luscious. Johansson was always gorgeous, but she kicked it into high gear once she was transformed. Whether she is in a balconette dress, a bikini or just a plain and simple tank top, she makes (and leaves) an impression wherever she goes.

19. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has, without a single doubt, some of the most perfect breasts in Hollywood. They are real, and they are spectacular! And what is most alluring about her is that she doesn’t feel the need to parade them around all the time. She believes that less is more, which it certainly is in her case. Kunis leaves a little something to the imagination, which drives people wild with desire. Kunis teases her fans when she wear deep V-neck gowns, triangle bikinis and T-shirts. Everyone can make out her shape, but she doesn’t push the line too far – which is why we’ve never seen her with a nip slip. And we’re okay with that.

18. Ariel Winter

via In Touch

via In Touch

Ariel Winter is the latest starlet to flaunt her body all over social media. We don’t know if it’s because she’s finally (barely) legal, if she’s trying to shed the nerdy-girl image she has from playing Alex Dunphy on Modern Family or if she’s just desperate for any type of attention she could get. What we do know is that people are eating it up with a spoon, and asking for seconds. Winter has the sort of body that you can’t help but check out. Her chest is so large that it’d bust out of a turtleneck. Not that she is ever that covered up these days. Winter has clearly taken a page of out of co-star Sofia Vergara’s book when it comes to style. She lives in midriffs, cut-out tops and strapless dresses.

17. Heidi Klum




Heidi Klum readily admits that she loves to show off her bust. And why shouldn’t she? She may not be the hot young thing that she once was, but she can still work it. Her signature look is to wear a low-cut dress that shows her full breasts, and her chest bones in between. No push-up bras for her! And isn’t that the beauty of it all? She shows the world how an ideal set should hang. Her breasts don’t look over-inflated like Pamela Anderson’s do, and they aren’t almost non-existent like Keira Knightley’s. It’s no wonder Klum made it big modeling lingerie.

16. Victoria Beckham



Victoria Beckham is credited by many plastic surgeons as changing the way women wanted their breasts to look. For years, women either wanted a pair that were tear-dropped (which is the most natural shape) or ones that looked like giant balloons (a la Pamela Anderson). But Beckham opted for a design that was somewhere in between, known as the grapefruit shape. Basically, her breasts looked like someone cut a grapefruit in half and stuck them on her chest. Many think it’s a look straight out of adult films, while others find it the natural evolution of the implant. And Posh can’t decide either, since she’s reportedly had them enlarged and reduced a number of times.

Beckham is a chameleon when it comes to her looks. But one thing that will never change is that she shows off her favorite asset. We think it’s OK to look. Consider it this way: you won’t be caught sneaking a peek because she’ll never know since she usually wears those dark sunglasses.

15. Kim Kardashian


It turns out that there’s more to Kim Kardashian than a big booty – she has a great set of boobs, too! Of course, calling her breasts “boobs” isn’t exactly accurate because her chest is more like a treasure. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s bust is gangbusters. Her hooters are real cash cows, which makes her fun bags more like money bags. Mrs. Kardashian West doesn’t just have a good pair – she has a full house. She doesn’t have just ordinary jugs – she has crystal goblets. She doesn’t have nice cans, she has… well, you’re not stupid, you get the idea!

14. Kat Dennings


Kat Dennings from Two Broke Girls is no beauty. But that’s a well-kept Hollywood secret because all anyone can focus on is her fabulous chest. She gives Christina Hendricks a run for her money. If Dennings’ breasts were pushed up any higher, they’d be choking her. So we hope her co-star Beth Behrs knows CPR, because it very well could happen. Everyone thought that Behrs would be the star of the show since she’s tall, thin and blonde. But Dennings stole the limelight with her figure. Curvy girls are in, pin-thin ones are out, and Dennings is laughing all the way to the bank. We don’t think she’ll opt for the Ariel Winter breast reduction move anytime soon. Thankfully

13. Amber Rose


Amber Rose gets almost as much press for her front as she does her rear end. Her chest is so big that it must be hard for men to even look her in the eye. And who could blame them? She’s one busty babe. When we look at her next to Kim Kardashian, we can definitely tell that Kanye West has a type. Amber Rose could have easily become the laughing stock of the media, but she has embraced her over the top looks. In fact, she doesn’t even think that her looks are that out of the ordinary. When asked about her rotund derriere, she has said that she doesn’t think it’s that big. Really? She probably doesn’t think that her hair is short, either!

12. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has seemingly gotten a little desperate as of late. She’s been hyped for so many years that people are becoming desensitized to her – and that’s her worst nightmare. Thus, Lawrence is scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas to promote herself while not sullying her good girl image too much. Evidently she isn’t very creative, because her one big trick is to expose her breasts. Not that we’re complaining! Her milky white skin elevates her look. As does her tasteful choice of clothing and minimal makeup. That said, she’d better step up her game or she will become eclipsed by up-starts like Alicia Vikander.

11. Olivia Wilde



Who says that flat-chested women can’t turn heads? Just look at this pic of Olivia Wilde! She’s got it going on! Wilde represents the kind of low key beauty that people dream about. She is effortlessly beautiful posing on the beach in a red one-piece with her hair flowing in the wind. Wilde may be an A-cup, but she’s certainly A-OK! In an era when most celebrities are at least a C, Wilde shows that size doesn’t matter. There is something really enticing about her delicate femininity. And her pert little chest is the kind that can’t be bought. You’re either born with it, or you’re not. Lucky for us, Wilde isn’t shy about flaunting herself, even if she wasn’t born with it.

10. Megan Fox



Megan Fox is back… for the moment, anyway! So enjoy her while you can, because she can’t sustain her career indefinitely, and we don’t know how long she’ll be back for. Fox is a gorgeous girl, with pale blue eyes, dark black hair and a full mouth. But her crowning glory has got to be her breasts. Men and women want to get an eye full. Fox has a knack for drawing people to her in such a way that they don’t want to let go. It’s probably her unique mix of femininity and rawness. Even people that don’t care for tattooed girls find her irresistible. She did well with the latest Ninja Turtles movie, but let’s hope she does something a little more adult next time.

9. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie has skyrocketed to fame and is the reigning “it-girl” thanks to her work in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad. There are two things that added to her appeal: righty and lefty. And she isn’t afraid to fan the flames of desire by posing with her shoulders back and chest out. Word on the street is that she got implants just before she made it big, and that they gave her an extra edge. While going under the knife is nothing new for an ingénue in Hollywood, Robbie avoided a classic rookie mistake – she didn’t go too big. Stars like Denise Richards and Aubrey O’Day went too big, and were left looking clownish and suffered bad side effects like back pain and asymmetry. However, Robbie’s rack is perfectly proportioned to her body. It lets her wear everything from swimsuits to gowns with ease, and leaves the audience begging for her to do more scenes in the buff.

8. Gigi Hadid




There’s a reason Gigi Hadid is absolutely everywhere nowadays – she’s every guy’s type. She’s just at hot in black and white as she is in color, and she’s just as gorgeous in a little black dress as she is in a casual bo-ho chic number. That’s because she always remembers to accentuate her best asset – her chest. She’s never going to look better than she does right now. That’s because she’s 21, and is at the apex of youth. Her skin glows, her smile is seductive and her movements are graceful. She’s wise to flaunt what she has now, because too many late nights partying with the Jenner girls will give her permanent circles around her eyes and she’ll start to gain weight. Before she knows it, she will just be known as that model with the moles – right behind Cindy Crawford.

7. Katy Perry



Katy Perry knows how to work a room, we’ll give her that. It’s true, anyone can wear figure revealing outfits, but it takes a certain type of genius to pose provocatively while dancing on stage to allow the camera to capture an eyeful of what everyone wants to see. We have the feeling that Perry wants us to look – and touch! She often bends at the waist so that we can see straight down her shirt, and the way she smacks her lips and brings the microphone to her mouth gives people chills. She’s a tease, and she certainly knows it. She taunts the boys, and she taunts the girls. She’s made a career out of it. It’s so obvious to everyone what she’s doing… but it works anyway, doesn’t it?

6. Selena Gomez

via Hollywood

via Hollywood

We love this pic of Selena Gomez. Her ta-tas look good, and her facial expression is so simple, yet so hot. Well no, she looks rather confused actually, like maybe she’s wondering if she left the coffee pot on. Either way, you go, girl! Who cares if you’re in rehab? Who cares if Justin Beiber can’t remember your name? Who cares if you mixed up the words “leukemia” and “chemotherapy” in an interview and everyone said you were a faker and a phony? You have millions of dollars. You are on cloud nine and the rest of us are just along for the ride. We can’t wait to see you have a public meltdown, shave your head, and have a baby daddy. You’re the new Britney!

5. Kendall Jenner



Kendall Jenner has “killer Bs.” In a time when celebs are going big or going home, Jenner has eschewed artificial trends and opted for a more natural look. And her fans across the globe couldn’t be more appreciative of her. Jenner has added a sophistication to the Kardashian clan that they were missing before. Her toned down look makes her look chic instead of cheap, classy instead of trashy and attainable instead of unapproachable. Jenner also opts for alternative ways of showing off. While most starlets are decked out in low cut dresses leave little to the imagination, Jenner often puts her best breast forward by showing off side-boob.

4. Chrissy Teigen


It’s hard to find a female celebrity of any age these days that doesn’t have nice, full breasts. Between advances in support garments, plastic surgery and Photoshop, it’s way too easy to get that perfect C-cup. Somehow, though, Chrissy Teigen is heads and shoulders above many of her competitors. Her breasts are perky, which gives her a youthful, exuberant look. She also knows how to draw the eye to her fantastic chest, by wearing clothing that has a focal point at breast level. And she takes advantage of makeup tricks, including sculpting with tanners and using highlighter between her “girls.” Quite simply, Chrissy Teigen knows how to rock it!

3. Kate Upton



Whose breasts have been talked about more in the last five years than Kate Upton’s  breasts? She’s a pretty girl with all-American looks, but the first thing everyone focuses on is her bountiful chest. It’s practically perfect. Her breasts just look so soft and inviting. People look at them and they have the desire to rest their head upon her. It’s a very evocative feeling that is much more special than simply being sexually attracted to someone with a big rack. Anyone can ooze sensuality, but Upton gives her fans much more than that. She offers them a chance to connect with her spiritually. That’s probably why she’s remained so popular (for the time being).

2. Emily Ratajkowski


Emily Ratajkowski’s looks are some of the most divisive in Hollywood. Fans swear that she is a flawless beauty, which is why she was cast in videos for Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. Others think that her looks have a lot in common with those of a camel. They believe she fits right in with other “exotic beauties” that walk for Victoria’s Secret, including chipmunk-cheeked Miranda Kerr and cat-eyed Barbara Fialho. The only things people can agree on is that her breasts are heavenly. They look extra luscious since she is so thin, which accentuates their size. And her dark skin lets the light play on her chest, so she looks like she’s glowing from within. With such a set, we doubt anyone is looking at her face anyway, which she is well aware of. Just google hot and her name and it’s hard to find an image with her clothes on.

1. Taylor Swift



Either Taylor Swift is a very late bloomer, or she got implants. Either way, her new bust-line is causing quite a stir – especially considering that she has been keeping those puppies hidden under T-shirts, which only makes us ogle them more. Even the dude standing behind her in this pic seems utterly perplexed by her curves. Taylor’s hit album 1989 is old news, so it’s no coincidence that this girl is seeking to drum up some publicity. Hearsay and conjecture are celebrity gold, so when she pairs that with social media pics, she gets to stay in the public consciousness. Frankly, we are looking forward to what desperate cry for attention she will make next. The smart money is on a hot new lesbian love affair that will make Kristen Stewart’s and Lindsay Lohan’s dabbling with women look G-rated.

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