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20 Beloved Stars That Should Be Hated Instead

20 Beloved Stars That Should Be Hated Instead

It seems like with each year the admiration that regular folks give to celebrities as a whole only becomes bigger and bigger. Additionally, those that are fortunate enough to make a name for themselves are often also given large quantities of money for their work, as well as other intangible positives too. As such, it seems like they should do everything in their power to ensure they remain famous for the right reasons. However, they are just as human as you or I and are perfectly capable of all manner of misdeeds that may threaten their way of lives. Fortunately, the general public is a fickle group and as long as they don’t force our nose in their bad behavior constantly, they may be able to skirt the repercussions. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty beloved stars that should be hated instead.

In order for a celebrity to be up for consideration for this list, they first off need to have a sizable group of fans that clearly hold them in high regard and love them for one reason or another. On top of that, they need to have done something or exhibit behaviors that point to the idea that they are not worthy of that affection. In fact, their actions need to make it seem like they are worthy of derision instead of popularity. The only other thing that we want to make clear is that we don’t know any of these people personally so we have depended on public information that points to their crappy behavior.

20. Justin Bieber


A bit of a different case since there are many people that do, in fact, hate Justin Bieber, we’ve still included him in our twentieth spot since there are also loads of people that adore him too. First becoming a big deal when videos of him singing were uploaded on YouTube when he was still a youngster, since then he has become internationally famous. Best known for songs like “Boyfriend”, “Love Yourself”, “Sorry”, and “What Do You Mean” to name a sampling, his devoted fans anticipate his every musical contribution. Still, his personal conduct is so bratty and hateable that he has made public statements more than once in the past that he will stop being a jerk only to go back on that afterward in at least one case.

19. Mel Gibson


An actor and artist of the highest caliber, Mel Gibson was one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood and during interviews was talked about as a lovable prankster behind the scenes. Renowned for his work in movies like the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon franchises, he also starred in Braveheart, Payback, Signs, and The Patriot among others. Then he threw all that away when he uttered homophobic and racist statements during an incident with cops and a recording of him saying horrible things to his girlfriend were released to the public. An incredibly talented director, in the years since these controversies, because of his skills, there always seems to be a number of people that want to forget his previous misdeeds. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying he should never work again but aside from that the man is not worthy of any admiration since his private actions speak loud about who he is.

18. Mark Wahlberg


One of the biggest movie stars in the world today, Mark Wahlberg has earned his place in the hearts of studio heads by playing a part in several ventures that made lots of money at the box office. The star of flicks like the Transformers franchise, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day, those are a sampling of the blockbusters he helped get past the finishing line. On top of that, he also has been a part of several critically acclaimed films too, like The Basketball Diaries, Boogie Nights, Three Kings, The Departed, and The Fighter too. However, none of that undoes the things he did prior to his international fame which include being accused of yelling racial slurs and throwing rocks at black people, as well as being charged with attempted murder.


17. Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Someone that absolutely deserves to be in conversations that pertain to the best boxers in the history of the sport, at the time of this writing Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a perfect record of 50-0. Notable for retiring as the champion of a number of divisions, he has amassed a huge fortune because the paydays he gets whenever he fights are immense because so many people love seeing him in the ring. Recently seen fighting UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a bout that was a huge event in the sports world, it is only one example of the fact that where Floyd goes, attention follows. Yet, for some reason, the fact that he has a well-documented history of multiple incidents of domestic abuse, which does away with all of his charms in our eyes, is largely ignored.

16. Ted Nugent


An American singer and songwriter who rose to prominence decades ago at this point, Ted Nugent is no longer releasing hit music but he remains a public figure to this day. Best known in the past for songs like “Cat Scratch Fever”, “Motor City Madhouse”, “Dog Eat Dog”, and “Just What the Doctor Ordered”, he had a recognizable sound many greatly enjoyed. However, these days he is talked about most often for his politics since he speaks out about them often. We fully support anyone’s ability to engage with the politics that define much of today’s society no matter which end of the spectrum they lean towards. That said, when you call a president you disagree with a “subhuman mongrel” or say you want to kill a candidate for that post from the other side of the aisle then you become someone we detest.


15. Zach Braff


An interesting entry on this list, Zach Braff is higher on it than people who have done worse things than he has, but that isn’t the only thing that we took into account when deciding where we ranked people. The star of the show Scrubs, in it he played John Dorian, a doctor with a heart of gold and well-developed imagination, both of which made fans root for him at every turn. Also the writer and director of the film Garden State in which he also played the main character, that film won a number of awards and the respect of many of his fans. Able to build a hugely devoted fanbase because of these things, they must have found it hard to ignore the controversy around him using Kickstarter to fund his film despite having money of his own. Not that big of a deal in the long run, however, it is the fact that he hit and physically attacked a kid during a prank filmed for the show Punk’d that we find more damning.

14. Ariana Grande


A pop princess that rose to prominence as a part of the Disney Channel family, Ariana Grande was popular enough on their show Victorious that she starred in a spin-off series called Sam & Cat. Subsequently moving onto the music world, she has released hit songs like “Problem”, “Bang Bang”, “Break Free”, “The Way”, and “Love Me Harder” and millions have spent hours jamming to her voice. For all of those reasons, she has amassed a sizable fanbase that follow her every step and loves her almost unconditionally. However, we would suggest they look at her actions a little bit more closely as in several cases they are far from admirable. Someone who is the constant subject of rumors that she is a huge diva behind the scenes, that seemed to be confirmed by a video featuring her licking donuts in a store she did not buy and saying she hates America.

13. Mike Myers


Rising to prominence as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, during his tenure on that show Mike Myers created a number of memorable characters as well as hilarious moments. Able to make the jump to the big screen after that, he was at the heart of three beloved franchise, Shrek, Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, on top of other movies like So I Married an Axe Murderer. Dogged by persistent accounts of being a pain in the butt to work near, it seems like the production staff of his projects come to universally detest him. On top of that, he wasn’t even able to stay friendly with longtime co-star Dana Carvey over the years which was revealed after they tried to patch things up in 2016 despite years of not getting along.

12. Teri Hatcher


Seen in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies as Paris Carver, that role made Teri Hatcher belong to a select list of ladies that can rightfully call themselves “Bond girls”. However, she is best known for her TV work as one of the leads of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Desperate Housewives. A part of this list because of the public feud she was a part of while starring in the latter of those two series, it seems like nobody on that show liked her very much. Said to be a “loner” by one of her castmates, that is the most charitable description of her at that time, as she was also called the “meanest woman in the world” by another co-star. On top of that, her name wasn’t on a gift the cast gave the crew and when you can’t get along with anyone it seems hard to argue that you aren’t the problem.

11. William Shatner


Speaking of actors that don’t get along with their co-stars, William Shatner is a particularly brutal example of such a person. Cast as the lead role in the original Star Trek series, the show would be canceled after only three seasons but he would then go on to play his part in the franchise in movie after movie. Co-starring with the same group of people on and off over several decades, as a result, you would hope that would bring about unshakable bonds between them but in his case that didn’t happen. Feuding with George Takei after saying something offensive to him years ago, the two have never mended fences since and William also didn’t attend the funeral of Leonard Nimoy which shocked many. If that weren’t enough, Shatner also has a history of saying horribly s*xist things like “a woman’s place is in the fridge” in the past too.

10. Bruce Willis


One of the biggest action movie stars of all-time, over the eighties and nineties Bruce Willis starred in several movies that have stood the test of time. For instance, he was pivotal to the success of movies like Die Hard, The Last Boy Scout, Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, Armageddon and The Sixth Sense, among too many others to list here. Clearly catered to since he became a titan of his industry, it seems like that, his wealth, and popularity went to his head based on his recent choices. These days seemingly taking on roles for the money above all else, he appears to mail it in with most of the roles he takes on based on his recent performances. On top of that, he angered longtime friend Sylvester Stallone with ridiculous money demands for a film cameo and has acted like a total jerk during interviews for no good reason.

9. Michael Jordan


Considered the best basketball player of all-time by legions of people, in his time Michael Jordan was such an all-encompassing presence on the court that he became a hero to millions. The focus of a campaign that focused on people’s desire to “be like Mike”, at his zenith his presence could be felt in many areas of society that had nothing to do with his sport of choice. In fact, he was such a big deal back then that he was even tapped to star in a movie, Space Jam, which was a sizable hit at the box office and is loved by many to this day. It really is too bad that he is roundly seen as a total jerk by those that have interacted with him, however. Brazen enough to use his Hall of Fame speech to air his grievances with lots of people, he also has a past of bullying fellow players, ignoring fans, and reportedly even cheating in a card game with an old woman.

8. Chevy Chase


A comedy legend who took the world by storm when he was one of the stars of Saturday Night Live early on, it was also the beginning of talk that Chevy Chase is an awful person to deal with. Leaving the show surprisingly early, he would star in the Vacation series of films, Caddyshack, Fletch, Three Amigos, and several other movies that people look back on as complete classics. Cast as one of the leads in the cult show Community in 2009, his run on that series would further cement reports of him being an awful person. Said to be disliked by pretty much everyone involved, he said racist and s*xist things on the set as well as offended people in several other ways. In fact, Joel McHale, Yvette Brown, Alison Brie, Dan Harmon, and more of the people behind the show have blasted him in public.

7. Mike Tyson


A boxer that at one time was seen as unstoppable by many of that sport’s biggest fans, Mike Tyson is a very deserving member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Also a unique entity in that world at the time, he stood out because of his voice and the oftentimes crazy things he would say to his opponents. Then his career hit the skids when he was sent to prison on charges that he had forced himself on a woman against her will, which is something a former manager of his says he saw as being inevitable. Somehow able to remake his image these days in part because of doing things like appearing in The Hangover movies, he brings a smile and laughs to many despite his awful history.

6. Hulk Hogan


Arguably the biggest wrestling star in the history of the business, Hulk Hogan built his career on an image as the ultimate good guy and champion of the downtrodden and disenfranchised. Undergoing changes in his image a couple of times in the past, he did spend several years as one of the most hated figures in the business but has spent most of his time receiving cheers from the masses. That is why it was a huge betrayal when a recording of him saying horribly racist things came to light, which would have been horrendous under any other circumstance too. Forgiven by a large amount of his fanbase, he compared what he did to the president saying the n-word in a frank conversation about race, showing that he didn’t see the difference which is revolting.


5. R. Kelly


If there is one thing that we can all say about R. Kelly with all certainty it is this, the dude can sing his butt off and has a silky smooth presence in music that makes him stand out. The man behind tunes like “Trapped In The Closet”, “Bump N’ Grind”, “Down Low”, “I Believe I Can Fly”, and “Ignition (Remix)”, he has proven that he has true staying power in the music industry. While it is an extremely difficult thing to get a hit in that industry there is no doubt that it is much harder to stay relevant in the years that follow it which is why his past is very impressive. It is even more stunning, however, considering his other history which includes being accused of leading a cult, marrying an underage woman, and a highly controversial videotape of him that took him to trial.

4. Andy Dick


A comedian and actor that has spent much of his career on the outskirts of good taste, Andy Dick has made it his bread and butter to push the envelope when it comes to his on and off-screen antics. Known as one of the stars of series like The Ben Stiller Show, Love, The Andy Dick Show, and NewsRadio, he brought to life several memorable characters. Also showing up in movies like Zoolander, Employee of the Month, Old School, and the Hoodwinked movies to name only some, you just never know what comedy he’ll cameo in next. Someone with a well-documented history of substance abuse and an image that makes it seem plausible that he will do anything at a moment’s notice, he seems to think that means he can get away with everything. As such, he has been in legal trouble for touching women in inappropriate ways in the past which is something we find unforgivable since he just kept doing it for several years.

3. Chris Brown


A multifaceted performer, Chris Brown seems like he could have been the end result of a scientist’s experiment to build the perfect singing star in most ways, while on stage Chris Brown can seemingly do no wrong. Blessed with a voice that fits many styles of music as well, his dancing skills are also mind-bogglingly impressive and he has a real presence to him which makes him a joy to see doing his thing. Best known for songs like “Run It!”, “Kiss Kiss”, “Forever”, “With You” and “No Air”, we just wish that we could embrace him wholeheartedly. Instead, we can’t look past his history which includes incidents of domestic abuse, freak-outs, threatening a parking lot attendant, a nightclub brawl, Twitter rants, and more behavior we can’t abide.

2. Paul Reubens


A man that has been famous for several decades, a lot of people have no idea what his real name is because they only know Paul Reubens as his creation, Pee-wee Herman. Able to star in a kid’s show based around that character before he would go on to play him in three separate movies, all of those projects are considered cult classics. This is true despite the fact that he has been arrested and charged with serious crimes in the past that should disqualify him from doing anything aimed at children. First getting headlines when he was caught pleasuring himself in an adult theater, it seemed like his career couldn’t suffer a worse blow. Then he was once again charged with a crime in 2002, this time for possessing adult materials that feature underage people. Attempting to explain that by saying that it is vintage art, there was also another claim that he bought in bulk so he didn’t know what he had but we find all of that too hard to stomach.

1. Jeffrey Jones


If you were around during the eighties there is a good chance that Jeffrey Jones was a part of films that meant something to you. One of the stars of two of the most beloved movies from the decade, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Beetlejuice, they alone were enough to make many people have great affection for him. Also appearing in other popular flicks like The Hunt for Red October, Ed Wood, Stay Tuned, The Devil’s Advocate, and Ravenous, among others, he had built a pretty awesome legacy in Hollywood. Everyone should be completely disgusted by him now however, since he was charged with photographic crimes against children in 2002, including attempting to produce materials himself. In fact, the only reason we can understand why the public would fail to hate this man now is if they are unaware of his crimes.

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