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15 Celebrities That Are Obsessed With Pokémon Go

15 Celebrities That Are Obsessed With Pokémon Go

Is Pokémon Go still a thing? Do people still play it? Well, since the active users peaked in July, there’s been a consistent decline in active users throughout the following months. Currently as of August 2016, the amount of active users averages between 25-30k users and dropping. Given the nature of the game, it should come to no surprise to see a decline in active users, especially with the updates that have made the game less enjoyable. On that same note, this hasn’t stopped celebrities from becoming completely obsessed with the game, and while that number may have dropped as well, this game saw the light upon multiple outlets. Everybody loved the idea and the fact that it involved catching real Pokémon in real time, but unfortunately that’s not enough to keep people interested anymore. Anyway, I’m here to talk about the celebrities that we’ve all come to know and love that were and possibly still are completely obsessed with Pokémon Go. And given the nature of this article, this isn’t an opportunity to talk smack about certain celebrities and what they decide to do with their daily lives. They’re people just like us.

If you’ve considered getting rid of the app because you feel the game has lost its charm, well Niantic has announced that they will be bringing more generations of Pokémon into the game for us to catch. Much like these celebrities, everyone should be excited to see what’s next in this big phenomenon. Maybe it’ll even prompt me to install it onto my phone again.

15. Jimmy Fallon


Unsurprisingly, the funny man himself has been playing Pokémon Go since its debut, and he has a lot to say about it. During the prologue of one of his episodes, he talked about his obsession with Pokémon Go and discussed with the audience that he is having a great time playing it. Another instance is the tweets he sends out regarding Pokémon Go stating, “I’ll trade you ANYTHING for all of my Zubats.” If you’re unfamiliar with how Pokémon Go works, the most common Pokémon are far too common causing people to get annoyed with the same old monsters showing up wherever you go. Zubat and Drowzee seem to be the two Pokémon that people are absolutely tired of seeing. Luckily, Niantic has been saying they’ll be adding a new generation of Pokémon into Pokémon Go, so hopefully this not only fixes the problem of “too many Zubats,” but also allows Jimmy Fallon to get back into it.

14. Justin Bieber


People can say whatever they want about Justin Bieber, I’m sure he’s heard just about everything there is to hear about a kid becoming a huge celebrity. In those peoples defense, he brought it on himself, but even Justin Bieber isn’t willing to get away from the Pokémon Go trend. Among many of the hugely populated Pokéstops, Central Park in New York City seems to be the most popular for locals and famous people to travel to. This is mostly due to the ridiculous amount of powerful Pokémon someone can find in Central Park. Justin Bieber was seen here playing Pokémon Go and he has been noted as running through a crowd of people with the sole purpose of catching all the Pokémon in the area. Fortunately for his fans lucky enough to be there at the time, he went there completely recognizable further as evidenced by tweets from people meeting up with him.

13. Wiz Khalifa


Maybe one of the most obsessed celebrities on this entire list, Wiz Khalifa admits to his over obsession with the popular mobile game, Pokémon Go. He’s tweeted several times that he has found Pokémon roaming around his house, and for comedic value, he has stated that they’re trying to get into his personal belongings along with a screenshot of the specific Pokémon he found. Him being the marijuana connoisseur that he is, he’s discussed that he’s “irritated” by the silly notion that Pokémon are attempting to steal his weed. He’s gone so far as to pin them as Smok’emon as evident through several different Pokémon Go related tweets. Fortunately for him, he’s not the only rapper that’s gotten obsessed with Pokémon Go as it seems Run The Jewels has also been struck with the obsession. Say what you want about the man’s personal life, but at least he has great taste in mobile games.

12. Dylan Sprouse


Former child star of Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Dylan Sprouse has admitted to being a bit of a “risk taker” when it comes to Pokémon Go. Jokingly, he has mentioned like most others have that he feels he may drown in an attempt to catch water Pokémon. Though the phenomenon brought a lot of media attention and somewhat negative outlook on the game overall, we have to remember to be safe, and anyone should never think that Dylan Sprouse would actually risk drowning to catch a Poliwag. However, it’s funny to imagine a bunch of celebrities jumping into a lake in an attempt to catch some rare water Pokémon. Dangerous yes, but funny?…Yes. Dylan Sprouse falls on this list more due to his pre-existing obsession with video games, and Pokémon Go just falls right into that list naturally. So, if you’re in the area and you see Dylan Sprouse walking around looking at his phone, well chances are he’s attempting to steal the Pokémon that you’ve been hunting for hours.

11. Joe Jonas


You guys all know Joe Jonas and his brothers from the Jonas Brothers right? Disney pop icons and later pop idols? If you aren’t familiar with him, I recommend you get yourself versed, though I don’t blame you if the name doesn’t sound pleasing to you. Joe Jonas is among the many celebrities that have found an extensive amount of enjoyment out of Pokémon Go. He tweeted out during the apps popular days that he feels that Mew is located in Area 51. Obviously, this was meant as a joke, however those of us that are hugely familiar with the Pokémon lore would not be surprised to find that this became true. Of course, Mew hadn’t been added into the game yet, so even if you wanted to believe this, it wouldn’t be factual. Though, given the apps reputation, if this type of thing prompts Joe Jonas or any famous star for that matter to bring people together for a meet up, I’m certain their fan base would be most pleased.

10. John Mayer


Do you know what free apps like Pokémon Go do the most? They charge money to be able to keep using the app. If you’re not familiar, Pokémon Go uses a system that allows you to buy PokéCoins in order to supply yourself with a bunch of Poké Balls thus putting you ahead of the 8 ball. John Mayer is no stranger to this concept as most news outlets and images would confirm that he was noted as spending upwards to $100 strictly on PokéCoins to fuel his Pokémon Go addiction. Granted, it’s not too farfetched to see a big name do this as I’m sure they’ve got plenty of investments in other serious matters, so to invest in something fun is just that: fun. Whether John Mayer regrets this purchase is yet to be known, however it just goes to show that even people with money can have a great time playing a Pokémon game.

9. Kevin Jonas



Much like his brother Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas has also been seen around different areas looking at nothing but his phone, surely to catch as many Pokémon as he can find. Though, Kevin Jonas decided to take a different approach on this and completely “memed” himself by circulating images of himself around the Internet playing Pokémon Go for the enjoyment of his fans. The meme itself was created by another user and used the photo you see of Kevin Jonas holding a cell phone, and it was meant as a joke towards Kevin Jonas and his evident obsession with the mobile app. Luckily, Kevin Jonas was a good sport with it and decided not only to re-tweet the photo, but admit that he’s not been able to find any of the Pokémon he’s been wanting to catch. Turning an obsession into a meme is not something out of the ordinary, and it is damn funny when it happens too.

8. Soulja Boy


The man most famous for Crank That, Soulja Boy is also addicted to Pokémon Go believe it or not. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not trying to use the word “addicted” lightly, but whenever someone refers to Pokémon Go, it’s hard not to instantly think of it as an addiction. Anyway, Soulja Boy has mentioned a few times through the years on Twitter that he is an avid gamer, more specifically Pokémon. When Pokémon Go came around, you’d best believe he was all over it. He’s been quoted as saying he enjoys playing Pokémon Go while he’s on tour or traveling to another country because much like everyone else that plays, it’s a really good way to catch more Pokémon. Most people who play Pokémon Go would also intentionally go from town to town or city to city in order to catch the Pokémon that roamed there. Not a particularly bad incentive to travel in my opinion.

7. Zach Braff


Even the stars of the show Scrubs are getting infected by the addiction of Pokémon Go. As shown above, you can see Zach Braff tweeting out why he now understands why Union Square is packed with people. This happened across multiple locations across the country, specifically Los Angeles and New York. This is the same reason Justin Bieber was in New York, to find as many Pokémon as he can. Zach Braff also commented on the fact that it’s really neat to see how many people are getting together for a mutual goal. When Pokémon Go was released, everybody joined together as a community to help each other out and catch as many Pokémon as possible. It’s really cool to see that even the big stars are getting in on the action and joining in on a community-based endeavor. While Zach Braff hasn’t expressed more on the app, it’s great to see that he enjoyed it for as long as he could.

6. Stephen Colbert


Alongside Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert has been getting a taste of Pokémon Go, though he’s not entirely in favor of the idea. During one of his shows, he dedicated an entire section to getting his audience to understand what Pokémon Go is all about, and went on talking about why people prefer to be submerged into a virtual world over the world we live in now. Although he seems to be hindered by people’s addictions of the game, he has also gone the extra mile and fan-made a creature that would be featured in a game he supposedly wanted to launch to counter Pokémon Go, titled Trouser Goblins. Although Stephen Colbert seems to be taking the piss, you can’t imagine he’s not dabbled into the app himself and felt the unexpected high that comes with catching the Pokémon in a virtual world. Whether people like it or not, Pokémon Go isn’t going anywhere.

5. Demi Lovato


I bet you didn’t know that even Demi Lovato was addicted to Pokémon Go. I certainly didn’t. Due to being intertwined with one another, Kevin Jonas outed Demi Lovato as a Pokémon Go player, and doing so by way of tweeting her response to not being able to find Pokémon in certain locations while she’s on tour. She shares the same frustration that most Pokémon Go players have by way of not being able to find the Pokémon we want in certain locations due to the same Pokémon being around wherever you go. You could be in a little suburban area or a big city, and you’ll find the same exact Pokémon each time. One person can only take so much of a Pidgey, Weedle, or a Caterpie until they start to lose their minds, though I suppose that’s what gets people out and about. Demi Lovato also took what Kevin Jonas said about her and owned it.

4. Ellen DeGeneres


Judging by the surplus of different photos that have been shared by Ellen DeGeneres, she seems to be taking in the pride of being involved in the Pokémon Go fad, and good on her. She tweeted out a photo or two of her and Portia as they walk the beach together with the added benefit of looking for Pokémon they’ve never seen before. The picture also showcases the difficulty of finding certain Pokémon as she explains that she had to walk a long time in order to find a Bulbasaur. From experience, I can understand the frustration of having to look for the more rare types as I spent over an hour walking around my yard in order to find a Nidoking, which ended up running away. However, it’s great to see that even celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres are taking in the fun of the app instead of pushing it away.

3. Mario Lopez


Even Mario Lopez is no stranger to Pokémon Go. With screenshots pouring in all around the Internet of celebrities and the Pokémon they’re finding, Mario Lopez also shared a screenshot of himself with a Magikarp. Little does he know, he’s going to need to catch hundreds more to get the Gyarados he truly desires. Mario Lopez was on set at the time, and of course, like other celebrities, if you’re just waiting around for something to happen, you may as well pull out Pokémon Go and try to catch some Pokémon. Evident from the screenshot, it’s easy to take from it that he’s particularly happy with finding a Magikarp, due to their somewhat rarity. Hell, if I were a celebrity on set with nothing to do, I’d be doing the same thing. I’ve even heard people spending hours and hours on the app just walking around trying to catch one Pokémon.

2. Vince McMahon


Unsurprisingly, Vince McMahon shares some conflicting emotions with Pokémon Go. It seems like the WWE headquarters has been infected by the Pokémon Go fad by turning itself into a Pokémon Go gym. This is great for two reasons: One, the potential to find fighting type Pokémon around the area, and two, good business for the people that work there. Vince McMahon was also seen tweeting out pictures of the Pokémon he’s finding in the gym. Though the image showcases that he’s being a bit sarcastically frustrated with the Pokémon within his gym, it’d be tough to find somebody within the headquarters that didn’t have the app. While this is great for them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the staff at the headquarters had to keep people away from the business, as it is still a business location. However, at the end of the day, we can all laugh together at the fact that the muscle man himself is getting sucked into the Pokémon Go fad.

1. Josh Groban


Last but certainly not least; we are brought to Josh Groban. Believe it or not, Josh Groban seems to be getting hugely involved in Pokémon Go, especially judging by his tweets regarding the app. Even someone as busy as this guy, he still finds time to play the game on top of a joke here and there showing his obsession with said app. He tweeted out saying something along the lines of, “Time to Pokémon Go to bed” obviously stating that he embraces the addiction the app has on some people. It should be no surprise to anybody that Josh Groban is getting involved in this app, as many celebrities like himself have easy access to New York City and other big areas that allow for the game to shine at its best. Nothing wrong with that at all, I’d give anything to roam the streets of New York City to see the type of Pokémon that fills the sidewalks.

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