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12 Stars We Want To See In The “Other” Industry (And 9 We Don’t!)

12 Stars We Want To See In The “Other” Industry (And 9 We Don’t!)


Let’s be real with each other, we all have ventured into watching clips of stars from “the other industry.” If you haven’t you will. We shouldn’t be ashamed by it. In fact, we should embrace it. We love to see people we think are hot get freaky. Disagree? Go ahead and check the “controversial” history of the sextape. These naughty tapes used to be a monumental leak that signified the “forbidden fruit” of watching that “untouchable” figure get down to the nitty gritty. Since we’re living in the age of the internet, the sextape has basically merged into what seems like daily “leak” of celeb. The fast paced world of social media has made it so leaks of our favorite celebs, as perverted or naughty as it is, aren’t surprising anymore; they’re, dare we say, boring? Now imagine if there was some direction in those aimless (most likely) manufactured “X-Rated” media luring propaganda? Imagine if your favorite celeb was willingly doing the damn deed for his or her own enjoyment? On the flipside, imagine if there was someone you didn’t want to be in the other industry but was? Ew. Here are 10 celebrities that we definitely want to see in the other industry and 7 we definitely don’t.

20. We Want Jennifer Lawrence


Is this entry really a surprise? Jennifer Lawrence is young, vibrant, smart, beautiful, and obviously very talented. Hell, there’s a solid chance she would make viewers actually care about the “other industry’s” film’s plot. Anyone that has expressed any amount of interest in the actor’s sexcapades knows that, well, her sex life might not be as exciting as one would think. One would think that Ms. Lawrence would be one of the more relatable celebrities to talk too and maybe even date. That’s not necessarily the case. In an interview with Extra, Jennifer said “…”It’s really said..I haven’t felt the touch of a man…in…” before bursting out into laughter. She even went further in strongly hinting that her life in between the sheets is almost non-existent. Well, viewers around the world would gladly welcome “J-Law’s” freaky side to shine through. Jennifer’s hot and intelligent enough to conquer one side of the industry; why not conquer the other and get literally get some pleasure out of it while doing so?

19. The Olsen Twins – No, Thank You


Once upon a time, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turning 18 was the talk of the pop culture world. There was someone that even dedicated a website to the fateful day. The twin stars of Full House grew up to be powerful, beautiful ladies who were at the top of their game and had a full grasp of their billion dollar brand. Years went by and things kinda went from hot than hot to… well, not. Unfortunately Ashley Olsen came down with Lyme Disease, which is a condition that simply drains the individual. However, even before that diagnosis, recent photos of the Olsen twins had them looking borderline anorexic and just plain-unhealthy. These days the Olsen twins are running their fashion empire and avoiding appearances on Netflix’s Full House sequel-series Fuller House. It’s perhaps best that the twosome never appear in the other industry. If they were to do so, maybe by would be best served to somehow implement their fashion tips? Yeah…

18. Emilia, You Can Be Our Khaleesi Any Day


Any one that watches Game of Thrones, aka GoT, knows who Emilia Clarke plays. She plays the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. She’s Khaleesi, and she’s a woman that gets exactly what she wants when she wants. Who’s going to come at you when you have fire breathing dragons backing you up at any given moment? Anyway, fans of the show have already seen what Emilia has to offer and let’s just say it’s pretty damn good. We get to see her doing the damn deed in early in the show’s run, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Ms. Clarke venture into “the other industry.” It would be very easy to do a GoT parody. Hell, with today’s sleek production teams, it would probably be a damn good one. Emilia Clarke may shoot naughty scenes for cable TV, but according to Daily Mail (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) Clarke said she “can’t stand” sex scenes, adding that they should be “more subtle.” Well, in “the other industry” scenes have to be as organic as possible; chemistry everyone, chemistry!

17. Gah! Tori Spelling


In the opposite of what “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would probably yell; “Oh hell no.” We all know Tori Spelling’s story; she used to be one of THE “it” girls of the 90s during her tenure as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210. Spelling has gone in and out of the public eye, making headlines for her love life decisions, plastic surgery, and roles in independent films. Tori managed to survive the 2000s and ended up reprising the role that made her famous in the 2009 reboot 90210. Though there’s no doubt that there’s probably a lot of “Gen-Xers” that would hop on a “special kind” of scene featuring the actor out of sheer curiosity alone, we can also say that it would be probably be best this particular star is benched for the better good. Some things are well, better left unseen. On the bright side, she could definitely add some humor to a potential 90102 parody right?

16. We Want You, Emma


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately or in a bunker waiting for the world to end with all the division going on these days, it’s pretty damn well known that Emma Stone is on top… of her game. Stone went from being that awkward cute girl in Superbad to being a blazing hottie whose star is shining brighter by the second. The La La Land actor is the front runner to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. When watching the Oscar nominated film it’s easy to see why she’s nominated and well, why she’s one of the hottest celebs out right now. Emma has that “elegant,” “classy” look that is perfect for specific brands of material that is worked on day in and day out in the other industry. Stone may suffer from a bout of anxiety, but when the cam is turned out all she has to do is act, just in another way, right?

15. No One Wants This Lindsay


Okay so remember I did that list of when Lindsay Lohan use to be hot? Yeah, take a look at that than take a look at the person that exists today; is it even the same individual? Not to sound harsh, but the industry certainly dabbles in the artificial “hobbies” associated with being young in Hollywood, so maybe Lindsay would fit right in? Then again, probably not. Anyone that followed Lohan’s career knows that it’s certainly taken a nosedive. What better way to revitalize her almost dormant career than to cause massive amounts of headlines by showing what she’s got to millions of people? You would think it would be that easy, but in all reality no one in their right mind would want to view today’s Lindsay in front of that “other” lends. If this list were in the year 2005, Lindsay Lohan would be near the top of the list, but she’s not. Plus, anyone that really does want to see the starlet can do so very the plethora of skin lathed photos on the net.

14. We Do Want Katy Perry


Is this choice THAT surprising? Ms. Perry burst on to the scene back in 2008 with the song “I Kissed A Girl.” Now that song might have been a way for the star to gain some massive publicity in an era where that was considered “cooler than usual” but nonetheless, it worked, becoming a massive hit putting Katy Perry on the pop culture map. Let’s just say that aside from her beautiful looks there’s two other things she’s known for and she loves showing them off whenever she can. We all know that Ms. Perry would certainly make a highlight of her “talents.” It’s also worth noting that considering the popstar has “explored” through her music that means that her appearances would most likely be pretty diverse; variety is certainly better than the same ol’, you know what I mean. There is absolutely no doubt that if this woman broke into the other industry the internet would truly “break” courtesy of men and women.

13. We Don’t Want Nicki Minaj


First off, obviously Nicki Minaj is striking, hot, stacked, etc. She’s actually a very beautiful woman. Her curves are insane. She’s a very talented artist, and there’s no denying her creativity. That said, wouldn’t it be a little off seeing her in the other industry? Hear me out; while we’ve definitely seen her credentials, Minaj is one of those super shocking, creative types that would definitely purposely distract from what’s going on. Boiled down, we’d want for her to get straight to the damn point. Also, it could also be argued that we’ve seen just about enough of the rap queen to the point where the imagination has all but been compromised. Fortunately Nicki has been gracious enough to provide the goods for her millions of fans over the years, to the point where it wouldn’t even be much of a surprise if she made a foray onto the other side.

12. We (Really) Want Sofia Vergara


Yup. The Modern Family star has become an icon due to her striking figure and inability to age. Is there any doubt that this Colombian goddess wouldn’t light the other industry on fire? We all know Sofia is known for her distinct accent and her voluptuous frame (let’s just say the woman is curvy enough to cause car crashes). Vergara is also known for being funny yet having that hidden sense of sultriness about her at the time. The only problem is whether or not her husband would approve of it. If he did, than all bets are certainly off. As with any star of a show, Vergara already has an easy in; she could reprise her TV role within the realms of the ever-so-popular parody. Why have some knockoff when you’re able to get the real individual? Also, in today’s social media climate, it would most likely make the star even more famous than she already is.

11. Noooooooooope

Via, dailystar

There’s no getting around this entry. Lady Gaga in the other industry would flat out be some weird shit. Mother monster may have gotten many comparisons to the iconic Madonna, but while Madonna lived and breathed naughtiness throughout much of her career, Lady Gaga has he many “WTF” moments. Do we even want to imagine what kind of craziness this woman would bring to the industry? Actually, after thinking about it, maybe we do want to see what she would provide. Well, we might need to be careful what we “wish” for. Gaga is known for pushing the envelope and making her mark in any possible way that she could. She would definitely incorporate some kind of message, dress up in some bizarre fashion to steer the attention to everything that was actually going on in the first place. We as fans of the fame monster would certainly be intrigue yet absolutely horrified at what the star would bring to the table.

10. A Firm Yes For Ivanka Trump


Okay everyone saw this coming, but can you blame us? Despite what anyone’s beliefs are when it comes down to it Ivanka breaking off in some fashion into the other industry would not only brew some incredibly entertaining “news” it would make for some straight amazing “trainwreck” TV. The distraction and utter chaos it would cause would not only be glorious, it would be intriguing simply based on the fact that her father is running the country right now. Based on what the POTUS has said about women himself, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what he would say about his own damn daughter breaking into the other side? Call it what you want, is it “sick” to want to see a flaming vehicle spiral out of control on a long, windy road until it finally crashes, causing an explosion that is so insane that one can’t take their eyes off of it? You be the judge.

9. We Don’t Want Miley Cyrus (Been There, Done That)


No. Just No. Why? Well, to start off, the whole “I was a Disney star but now I’m a rebellious adult who’s going to shock people” obviously happened to Miley Cyrus. She made sure to let everyone know that she grew out of her Hannah Montana days and now she makes it a point to put her “explorations” out there and be “shocking” AF. Simply put, we’ve already basically seen what Miley would bring to the table and to be honest, I don’t think it would do much for anyone because we’ve already been given a long extensive preview. Just ask Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards (how creepy was that?). Now that “organic” nature of Miley’s “adult” “rebellion” has worn off, a hypothetical debut into the other industry would certainly make for headlines, but wouldn’t feel super forced? Wouldn’t it feel like “oh, she’s kind of fallen off the fame ladder so she needs some spotlight put back on her as soon as possible?” Yeah, we don’t have time for that.

8. Niykee Heaton? Yes Please


We don’t really need to explain this at any length… That said, let’s go ahead and talk about why we would want this young woman to be in the other industry. Niykee Heaton is a talented musician who initially became famous by covering hit songs on her acoustic guitar. Let’s just say that she became even more famous when the masses on Instagram got a full view of what she has to offer. As we can see from the photo above, she has A LOT to offer. This woman is beyond hot. She has curves for days and genuinely looks to be a determined, intelligent individual who knows exactly how to get what she wants. How is that not an attractive quality of someone we all would want to be in the other industry? Ms. Heaton leaves little to the imagination in regards to her risqué photos, but she’s so damn smokin’ that everyone is left wanting more and more and more.

7. We Definitely Do Not Want Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey has had quite the ride hasn’t she? She was the best-selling female artist of the often missed 90s and she had a huge resurgence in the 2000s. She’s also made for some rather bizarre occurrences and public breakdowns. Do we really want to see that continue when Mariah going into the other industry? Now don’t get us wrong, Mariah Carey looks incredible, and we all know she loves to show off her money makers, especially when she leaves relationships. But while we as hungry pop-disaster fiends would love to see what would unfold there’s definitely that helping of nostalgia that would make for us to want Mariah to simply quit while she’s ahead. Though it would be funny to see how her contemporaries would react. Remember Mariah’s “feud” with Eminem? Would that spark some comments from the controversial rapper? What about her former husband Nick Cannon? How would her chime in? We (still) love you Mariah, so don’t even think about it.

6. Who Wouldn’t Want ScarJo?


Yes. The Sex Symbol herself. The Black Widow. The one, the only, Scarlett Johansson aka ScarJo. The curvaceous actress has been at the very top of the celeb hot bracket for well over a decade. We all know she is incredibly talented, but we also know that her assets have played significant roles in getting some of the work she’s gotten; that’s a good thing. If ScarJo were to venture out into the other industry there would likely be a massive chorus of every orientation praising the heavens in unison, celebrating in some ritualistic fashion. There’s already been a bunch of Avengers and Black Widow parodies, why not actually star in them herself? ScarJo would surely show the amateurs how to properly play her now iconic role. Her arrival into the industry is something that is more likely to be celebrated as opposed to being met with loads (no pun intended) of controversy. You damn right; it’s like that in regards to this woman.

5. We Damn Sure Want Rihanna


“Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.” Want to take a wild guess as to who recited these lyrics? Yup, that’s Rihanna with her 2010 “S&M”. Rihanna is one of the hottest stars on the planet. She’s always been in tune with her naughty side and isn’t afraid to express herself on the stage or through the speakers. “Ri Ri” also has no qualms with showing of her incredible frame either. Now, considering the fact that she’s had a rather turbulent love life in the past, it’s definitely not far-fetched to see this amazing woman enter the other industry as a dominatrix. Before anyone rolls their eyes, just think about it; she gets the opportunity to inflict punishment on those that seek it? That sounds pretty damn good doesn’t it? Drake wouldn’t approve, BUT WE CERTAINLY WOULD.

4. We Don’t Want Taylor Swift (Anymore)


In case anyone has been living under a rock, not only is Taylor Swift incredibly famous, it could be argued she’s the biggest star on the planet. That said, there have been some dents in her once indestructible, squeaky clean armor. Everyone use to side with Tay Tay after the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards incident with the controversial Kanye West. However, things have slightly began to unravel; we all know she loves to write songs about the numerous ex-boyfriends she has. We also know that she clearly orchestrates her perception behind the scenes. We know this courtesy of Mrs. West taking video of Taylor Swift conversing with Kanye West about his Life of Pablo Song “Famous” where he spouts that he made the multi-platinum star famous due to the incident. Believe it or not this was a “side eye” moment for Taylor Swift, who came across as though she wasn’t as “real” or “authentic” as everyone thought. Nonetheless, Taylor Swift has dare we say it, begun to grow sour on some people’s list and thus she is by far the biggest modern celebrity that we DO NOT want to see in the other industry. She’d probably use it as an excuse for everyone to feel sorry for her in some way.

3. You Know You Want Ariel Winter


Ariel Winter garners many headlines these days. It hasn’t all been due to her incredible success as Alex Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family. Winter gets a lot of attention because she has sprouted to be one of the curvier ladies in Hollywood. She was so gifted in the bust department that she opted to get a reduction, but that still didn’t take away from her frame. Winter also became the source of controversy when she was body-shamed throughout the internet do to her rather provocative graduation dress. Well, Ariel turned the internet negativity into a positive stance, representing curvy ladies everywhere by posting pictures of herself showing off each part of her assets that she’s known for. Ariel embraces her body and is totally in a “me against the world” mentality… Who’s to say she wouldn’t be able to bring that in spades in regards to the other industry? I think we can all agree that it would be worth a look or 10.

2. We Really, Really Want Emma Watson


Yeah… Why not? For some, Emma Watson is at the very top of the celebrity crush list. There’s no question that if a poll where taken where everyone had to vote whether they would rather see Emma Watson in the other industry or not, the results would be overwhelming. Not only would it send shock-waves through the pop culture stratosphere, it would probably cause a gargantuan spike within the realms of the other industry. Everyone knows what made Emma Watson famous, playing the brilliant friend of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger in the now iconic Harry Potter Franchise. Watson has kept busy after the end of the Potter films, starring in adaptations like The Perks of Being Wallflower in 2012. Watson is poised to make another splash on the pop culture landscape with her role as Belle in the live action version of 1991’s Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Can you say parody? Again? Yes.

1. Kinda, Maybe, Yeah? Just Do It!!!


I’m serious. Shia LaBeouf has been on quite a run as of late. Would it really surprise anyone if he went on to do something within the other industry? Come on. There’s a fair chance that the actor would make whatever he would do pretty damn entertaining. The 30-year-old actor marches to the beat of his own drum, is outspoken, and has the personality to always keep audiences on their toes. At the very least it would be interesting to see the type of material Shia would come up with. Would he rap during a scene? Would create some kind of crazy antics that feature other celebrities? Who the hell knows. Maybe Shia would yell “DO IT” on multiple occasions? Whatever would happen, we know that it would certainly another “LaBeouf” moment added to his already extensive list. Could you imagine a hypothetical conversation between Shia and a TV personality such as Jimmy Fallon or Ellen talking about his foray in to the industry? That alone would make it worth it!

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