‹ Top 10 Most Successful WWE Divas

6. AJ Lee – Net Worth: $2.3 million

AJ Lee (April Jeanette Mendez) has been the most compelling WWE Diva for the past two years. In storylines, she has had romantic flings with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane and John Cena. Her crazy character has been an interesting component to WWE television.

This past June, Lee won the Divas Championship at WWE’s ┬áPayback pay-per-view and has held onto it since. She has grown as both a character and an in-ring performer and as champion is currently the highest-paid diva. At 26 years old, her best work may still be ahead of her, and in an era where many believe all it takes to make it in WWE as a diva is looks, AJ brings the full package.

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